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COVID-19 ELV Industry Update

The ELV industry is adjusting to the effects of Covid-19


Updates COVID-19


The unprecedented times of the COVID-19 virus is affecting us all. Difficult decisions must be made every day as we all adjust. It seems that at present, our industry is seen as a ‘critical industry’ as we are responsible for the recycling of metal and keeping vehicles and the supply chain mobile. 

 Many companies are issuing statements to indicate how they are adjusting to the crisis and to make sure they are providing services to the best of their abilities. 

It is great to see how so many companies in our industry are responding and handling the challenges that we are facing and more importantly, following the government guidelines.

ATF Professional is available for all companies involved in the vehicle recycling sector to let others know how they are adjusting to the current situation. Please feel free to call, send a link or email so we can regularly keep everyone up to date.

Like, everyone, ATF Professional is facing its own challenges, but we will continue to provide news and information to the vehicle dismantling and salvage industry as best as we can.

Stay safe and look after yourselves.

Below are just some of the statements that we have been receiving:



Jane Pocock, UK Managing Director at Copart said in a statement:

“In these unprecedented times, I wanted to provide all our customers from the world of Insurance, Finance, Fleet, Rental and vehicle retail sectors with an update on our business position.

As a national operation, we are currently deemed by the Department of Transport as essential to the UK National Transport Network and intrinsic to the Waste Management / Recycling and Disposal of end of life vehicles. We are respectful of our position and continue to collect vehicles until such time as volumes decline significantly.

Following the Covid-19 advice given by the Prime Minister earlier this week, we have implemented our working from home plans wherever we can to let our team-mates work remotely, but the nature of our business doesn’t allow this with all staff. 

Our transporter drivers and those based at our network of Operations Centres are already socially distanced and have biosecurity processes in place. They also have a role of managing and protecting the assets at each site. Our Head Office teams are now working remotely and continue to provide essential claims settlement services.

We are in touch with all of our customers and are managing their daily requirements in this rapidly changing environment. We have a crisis management team which meets daily to review the situation and we will continue to keep all our stakeholders informed.

I could not be more proud of how our valued team-mates have responded to this situation and risen to the challenge. It is worrying times and we all need to keep safe while we beat this.”

Read more about Copart’s contingency planning.

EMR COVID-19 statement End of Life Vehicles

EMR states: 

‘The Metal Recycling sector plays an important role in supporting the UK’s waste sector, which has been deemed essential by the UK government. Therefore, as a market leader, it is vital that EMR’s infrastructure remains operational as far as possible and plays its part in supporting that important supply chain at this critical time. If we do not keep moving scrap metal, then there could be a build-up of materials and this could pose a health and safety risk.

As we continue to closely monitor the developments in relation to COVID-19, our top priority is the health of our employees, customers and suppliers. We must also ensure that our critical waste infrastructure remains available for the nation. We have therefore decided to take further steps to avoid the transmission of infection to our staff and suppliers.

We made temporary changes to the way we operate with effect from 6pm yesterday, 24th March 2020.

To protect our employees and the wider community we will no longer be able to accept scrap vehicles that require any form of depollution, inspection or the issue of a Certificate of Destruction from any source. This includes both the general public and business accounts.

However, we will still accept depolluted car shells from business accounts (VAT registered), provided they can be delivered and offloaded in the same way as the new procedures that we have put in place for other bulk loads.

Our current guidance for all bulk loads delivered to our depots is as follows:

  • To minimise the number of people we have on-site at any one time, please advise the yard by phone that you will be visiting before your arrival. The yard gate will be opened on your arrival and closed when you depart. Phone numbers for each EMR yard can be found at
  • The weighbridge will only operate remotely. All contact with the weighbridge staff must be by telephone. The phone number to contact will be provided to you when arranging your appointment and will be displayed on site.
  • To maintain social distancing at all times we will only issue electronic documents and we will not sign any paperwork. All documentation will be emailed to the email registered on your EMR account.
  • After preparing the vehicle for offloading, drivers must return to their vehicle before EMR staff approach to conduct an inspection or to offload by a material handler. Please note, the turn-around of deliveries may be slower due to the necessary human interaction restrictions.
  • Loads will only be accepted if the material can be tipped by the supplier’s own vehicle or if the material is contained in bins or stillages that can be offloaded by mobile plant. We will not permit any manual handling of materials on site.
  • Once the material is unloaded you will be required to leave the site. We will then weigh and pay into your account. This will help to limit interactions between our non-ferrous operatives and customers.
  • The cash office will be closed and no cheque cashing or immediate payments will be possible. All payments will be made direct to your account at the end of the month. This will reduce direct contact between our frontline staff and customers.
  • We will insist upon and enforce social distancing at all our sites to protect both you and our EMR employees.
  • Finally, should you display any symptoms of Covid19 we will ask you to leave our premises in order to protect those on site.

We aim to resume normal service as soon as the Government adjusts its guidance and we will continue to keep you informed.

Thank you for your cooperation at this difficult time.’

HBC Vehicle Services 

Health and Safety Update COVID-19

John Kett, President & CEO IAA, Inc., stated: 

“On Monday evening the Prime Minister announced several measures to tackle the spread of COVID-19 in the UK. These included restrictions on travel for UK residents and the closure of many categories of business.

HBC sought guidance from trade bodies and government departments and received clarification that frontline staff working in the collection and disposal of scrap metal (including end-of-life vehicles) are designated as critical workers. Consequently, HBC continues operating and all our UK storage sites remain open.

As required by the government, the HBC head office team are fully remote and able to manage and queue instructions as normal.

We thank you for your cooperation during this period of national emergency. The situation is changing daily, and we will keep you informed of all developments. If you have any questions on this matter, please contact HBC via”

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Turning into a circular business and the importance of vehicle reuse and recycling.

The presentation will cover the work Volvo Cars is doing to achieve 2025 but mainly focus on the transformational work towards 2040 and the business and value chain changes being considered. Attention will be paid to the way vehicles are being dealt with at the end of life and the complexities of closing material and component loops. Opportunities and challenges which Volvo Cars is facing will be presented including engagement with 3rd parties and increasing pressure from stakeholders.



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