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2021 Silverlake C1 Racing Series takes centre stage at Silverstone

The 2021 Silverlake C1 Racing Series took centre stage at Silverstone last weekend for the first endurance race of the series.  58 cars were on the starting grid at 6 pm on Saturday 29th May aiming to complete 24 hours on the legendary Grand Prix circuit. Racing teams and spectators sported Silverlake Automotive Recycling [Silverlake] racewear in the sunshine and the event was live-streamed on the British Automobile Racing Club YouTube channel and Facebook page.


2021 Silverlake C1 Racing Series takes centre stage at Silverstone feat
Silverlake racing at Silverstone June 2021

Headline sponsor of the Series, Silverlake, who has also provided the safety car for the series, had two cars running, both of which performed well in night qualifiers, positioning 398 at P6 and 458 at P23 on the grid. Early laps showed great promise for both teams; Team 458 progressively gained position but then a blow to Team 398 who had been enjoying third position for a time. Three hours in and disaster struck when gearbox problems cost the team a two-hour garage fix.  Unfortunately, heavy fog in the early hours of Sunday morning put the cars under the safety car for two hours hindering potential chances to make up time. Managing Director, Allen Prebble, brought the team’s car over the line finishing 39th overall.

The second Silverlake car, Team 458, came in a very respectable 10th with driver James Keepin at the wheel at the finish. The race winner, Hybrid Tune – Full Circle Racing, won in emphatic style with an impressive fastest lap time of 2:58:511.

Silverlake supported club members at the event by providing quality-graded, warranty assured and cost-effective recycled car parts, sourced from end of life Citroen C1s via engineers at the company’s 10-acre vehicle recycling and authorised treatment facility in Southampton. The recycled parts were in high demand as race teams performed running repairs; popular items included windscreens, bumpers, engines and water pumps. Silverlake’s own race engineers used recycled parts including a bonnet, headlights, a front bumper, a rear axle and an offside front hub to get their cars race-ready.

2021 Silverlake C1 Racing Series takes centre stage at Silverstone p
Alan Prebble

Allen Prebble from Silverlake said:

“Silverstone was a fantastic action-packed start to the 2021 C1 Racing Series. The weather was glorious and club members were excited to be back doing what we all love. Thanks to all the Silverlake team, it was a great team effort.

Racing as headline sponsor of the series this year definitely adds to the adrenalin and we are already looking forward to the Snetterton race meeting on 3 and 4 July. We were delighted to see the take up of our recycled C1 parts and will be making sure we bring plenty of stock in July.  Club members can also contact us via our website to have parts delivered by our own delivery fleet, nationwide, between race meetings.

C1 Racing Club makes motor racing low cost and accessible for members.  For me that’s a great fit with our business which is about providing our customers – including motorists, bodyshops, garages and insurers – with quality graded, warranty assured recycled automotive parts to cost-effectively repair and maintain vehicles, keeping them running safely on the road. It was really great to see how well the same principle extended to the race track last weekend (29th May).”



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