Essential information for end of life vehicle dismantling, depollution and recycling

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2nd Annual Vehicle Recycling International Conference 2019 in Berlin

2nd annual vehicle recycling international conference 2019A century ago, when cars were traded in or given away at scrap yards, the scrap was primarily used for the war effort. Nowadays, cars are often considered to be the most expensive mass-consumer goods, with global sales volume reaching towards almost 89 million units and climbing. Moreover, the industry is facing several serious challenges related essentially to its impact on the environment. Vehicles affect the nature through their entire life cycle. Consumption of energy and resources, waste generation, greenhouse gases, hazardous substance emissions, and disposal at the end of their lives are burdens created by automobile production and use. 

As the industry evolved and reached new milestones, scrap metal recycling companies faced new obligations, complexities and regulations, which in return requires the industry to adapt to a new approach and technological breakthroughs in order to stay relevant and at this year’s 2nd Vehicle Recycling International Conference, it will include key topics concerning these issues, including: 

  • Zero Waste Recycling, ELV Dismantling
  • Closed Loop Recycling Opportunities
  • ELV Directive Challenges
  • Reinforced Plastic Recycling Challenges
  • Lowering Costs of Recycled Materials
  • Battery Recycling in Circular Economy. 

The possibility of development in these fields may provide groundbreaking results leading to more efficient and ecologically friendly methods of recycling of ELVs.

Understanding the importance of these concepts, Business Conference Facilitation, as a professional organiser of high-level B2B events, aims to deliver our participants pleasant experience as well as provide the clients with valuable business opportunities.    

The conference allows the opportunity to do exactly that: present and acquire new methods and technology, discuss the most pressing issues of vehicle dismantling, as well as an opportunity for cooperation and development, pushing industry to new heights. With experts and enthusiasts of the field, senior representatives, decision makers, ELV – LCA specialists, solution technology managers, vehicle safety and insurance representatives, manufacturing process specialists and waste/recycling policy makers coming together it is a chance to extend networking and cooperation with giants of industry such as: EuRIC, ETRA, INDRA, Umicore, Proplast, Recykl Group,. 

Moreover, with attendance of representatives from research institutes such as: Research Associate Johannes Öhl from Fraunhofer, Chief Scientific Officer, Geoff Scamans from Innoval Technology, and Associate Professor Sustainable Elastomer Systems (SES), Wilma Dierkes from University of Twente, Researcher – Sustainability & Industrial Recovery Department, Vicente B. Vert from AIMPLAS, it is an opportunity to acquire innovative and cost-effective methods of recycling and utilisation.  

With this, shredding and recycling the car cleanly and efficiently can decrease the overhaul impact of the vehicle on the environment. Furthermore, efficient recycling and cost reduction in assembly of new automobiles, spare parts, and other necessary or miscellaneous equipment became indispensable and it requires constant upgrades and improvements.

Located in Berlin, the heart of Germany, a country well known for its car construction ranging from personal mass-produced transports all the way to military vehicles and heavy industry machinery it is an ideal venue to present the recent trends, opportunities and new regulations of the field.

Don’t miss the chance to become a part of this great event and share your experience with international experts and specialists on 22nd to 23rd of October in Berlin, Germany.

To find out more, visit

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