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Adam Hewitt
CARS 2021
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A successful demo day for Powerhand


We were invited to Powerhand’s VRS Demo Day on October 2nd. The event was hosted by DA Autoparts in Dumfries.


With a turn out of approximately 50 people, a high number, considering the location all the way up in Scotland. Those that attended were from all over, including the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Poland. All of whom, including us at ATF Pro, wanted to get a glimpse of the recently launched scrap grab in action!

Fortunately, the weather held out during the demo and we had the opportunity to watch some of DA Autoparts’ skilled operators strategically remove a variety of high value materials from their chosen ELV as well as meeting up with old and new friends in the industry.

The amazing ‘pincer like’ grab made the task look almost ‘delicate’ with a hint of ‘brutality’. The VRS clamp arms pin the ELV down whilst the grapple removes valuable materials. One of the operators told us that he can extract all that is required, including the prize copper wiring loom in approximately 8 minutes per vehicle. Amazing to think that in one day there is the potential to earn around £5000 just for this material alone.

Different valuable pieces of each vehicle ‘dismantled’ throughout the days demonstration were placed in areas according to parts, such as engines, copper wiring, radiators, electric motors etc. And finally what was left, was an empty shell, which was piled on top of others like it.

After a good two hours of being entertained, fed and watered, next on the agenda was a visit to the Powerhand factory, just 8 miles from the DA Autoparts site. A long running family owned company, Wm Clark and Son, the parent company of Powerhand, originally started out as a blacksmiths’ providing the repair of forest cultivation spades and hand tools, and shoeing working forestry horses. The company still focuses on the forestry industry with their distribution of various forestry related equipment but Powerhand’s VRS Series has proven to be most versatile crossing over from trees to ELVs!

Owner, Douglas Clark provided us with a quote about the days event, “The demo day was a great success. Richard Stewart and the team at DA Autoparts put on a fantastic display of both the VRS 160 and 200. On the day we received some very good enquiries from great customers from all over the UK and Europe.”

If you would like to find out more about how the Powerhand VRS Series can make money for you, call 01387 860241 or email

Image captions: 

  • £5000 of copper wire loom can be made in a single day
  • A good gathering at the demo day
  • Powerhand’s VRS series hard at work


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