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Air Con Refrigerant Recovery

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Crow air conditioning gas recovery systems

Crow Environmental offer a complete range of air conditioning gas recovery systems from simple one touch recovery systems through to units capable of drying and filtering the gas for re-use. 

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Green Car Depollution Refrigerant Recovery

Green Car supply a full range of aircon recovery and re-charge units and packages, as well as ON-SITE F-gas training and City & Guilds assessment.

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Iris-Mec RGF mobile freon recovery unit

Automatic recovery system to safely remove Freon and oil R12 and R134 from air conditioning units from ELVs, on castors for ease of movement.


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Vortex air con refrigerant recovery

Vortex distribute the Yellow Jacket recovery system which is simple to set up and operate. The unit switches itself off when the air con system is drained, single valve control for easy changeover from liquid to vapour to purge. We also supply scales, recovery bottles and the easy gauge air con tester to see if the system is full or empty.

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