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Allianz research reveals 69% of motorists would accept a green car part to help the environment

Allianz research reveals 69% of motorists would accept a green car part to help the environmentIndependent research commissioned by Allianz Insurance found the majority of motorists (69%) would choose the option of a green replacement part to repair their vehicle with protecting the environment given as the main reason (77%).

But there are some people who need to be persuaded it’s a good idea (24%) and a hard core (6%) for whom it simply isn’t an option.

Allianz commissioned the research of 250 motorists as part of their drive to strengthen the company’s focus on delivering a more sustainable claims culture.

“Nick Rossiter, motor damage strategy manager at Allianz Insurance said:“We wanted to see how receptive motorists would be to using green parts in the repair of their vehicles and it’s encouraging to see so many are positive about the idea. The next step is to run a trial where undamaged or reusable components from end-of-life accident damaged vehicles are used to help reduce the avoidable waste of perfectly reusable car parts.”

The survey also confirmed that vehicle repairers can play a positive role in the take up of the initiative with over half of motorists looking to repairers to offer a green part when discussing the repair to their vehicle.

Nick Rossiter added:

Nick Rossiter

“Recycled parts are not a new concept, but there has been a clear societal shift and more people are receptive to choosing environmentally sustainable solutions. Other benefits to using green parts include reduced repair costs which could help reduce the pressure on claims inflation and can prevent delays in the repair process when new parts are not immediately available.

It’s interesting our survey revealed a quarter of people were unsure about accepting a green part, with 6% of motorists saying they wouldn’t accept one at all. Sometimes the term recycled parts has been used, which may have caused concern about how safe the parts are. Second-hand doesn’t mean second-rate. Green parts are subject to strict inspections and Allianz will not be using any parts that are safety critical. This clearly demonstrates that more education and information should be available to highlight the benefits green parts can bring. We look forward to starting the trial and learning from the results.”

NB: Independent research was carried out by One Poll from 1st October – 10th October 2019. 250 UK motorists were surveyed to get their opinions on green car parts.


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