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Andy Latham rejoins Salvage Wire

Andy Latham Salvage Wire
Andy Latham

Salvage Consultant, Andy Latham has returned full time to Salvage Wire after a two and a half year term with Autofinity (formerly Reco Auto).

Salvage Wire will be working across the world with automotive recyclers, associations, insurers and more as we help them grow their businesses, develop their knowledge, improve skills and enhance profit.

Andy said, “I am delighted to be rejoining Salvage Wire on a full time basis. Demands on automotive recyclers are increasing in many areas, including vehicle technology, parts quality and staffing, and Salvage Wire is ideally placed to work with the global vehicle recycling industry and help them to become leaders.

Salvage Wire can help with technical training, including electric and hybrid vehicles, dual fuel technology, parts standards and quality and much more; Salvage Wire also have their Salvage Leader training that focuses on management and leadership development – an essential component in how recyclers attract and retain talented members of staff; Salvage Wire also offer consultancy services to vehicle recyclers, associations and insurers and many more.

For more details, including free downloads that can help you and your business see our website

Other news from Andy is that he has been awarded the highest grade of membership of the institute of the motor industry (IMI).

Adrian Lawson, Professional Standards Manager at The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) had this to say,

“Andy is a highly experienced individual with knowledge of the salvage and green recycling sub-sector that is probably second to none. He has a huge range of skills and understanding that has proven to add real value into the largest recyclers in the industry, as well as smaller players. This is in terms of all aspects, from new vehicle technologies that may affect safety, helping businesses manage and understand risk and how to take advantage of opportunity and innovation that could lead to significant financial reward. He has led and worked on big projects including the creation of Green Recycled Parts Standards. He has written articles covering a range of challenging issues for the sub-sector which are informative, well researched and written. One of the most significant was to co-write a paper (20 pages) for the SAE on the safe handling of EV and Hybrid vehicle parts when recycling. He was the sole presenter of the paper at the 2017 SAE World Congress, April 4-6 2017 in Detroit. He has experience of managing people with evidence of positively affecting their perception of their potential through the use of effective coaching and mentoring skills. These staff have kept in touch with Andy even though it is a while since he worked with them, sometimes asking for advice and guidance which is a sign of the respect they have for him as a manager and a leader. He is Chair of Technical Advisory Committee, Automotive Recyclers Association and has been an invited speaker for numerous global events including the International Round Table on Auto Recycling, Automotive Recyclers Association annual conventions, UK recyclers meetings and the Polish Recyclers Conference. He is capable of working at the highest level, both from a business, management and leadership point of view as well as being a senior technical specialist.”

If you would like to find out more about how Salvage Wire can help you, visit their website here or email

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