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ARA President, Chad Counselman, Steps Down to Join All Auto Recalls

The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) recently announced that professional automotive recycler and current ARA President, Chad Counselman, will step down from his leadership position on the ARA Executive Committee effective February 10, 2020.


ARA President, Chad Counselman Steps Down to Join All Auto Recalls - Chad Counselman


Counselman will remain on the Board of Directors and current First Vice President, Scott Robertson, will step in to serve the remainder of Mr Counselman’s term. Robertson will begin his own Presidential term as scheduled in November 2020 during the 77th Annual ARA Convention & Exposition.

Counselman shared with the Board of Directors and entire ARA membership that he has accepted a business opportunity in Australia and will be relocating his family to Melbourne in the coming weeks. He said:

“I feel strongly that the ARA membership deserves a leader that can devote the necessary time and resources to guiding the Association. While my family and I are excited about this new opportunity in Australia, due to time zone differences and other commitments, it would make it very difficult for me to serve the members to the best of my ability as President. As such, I am stepping down and know that incoming President, Scott Robertson, will do an excellent job representing the membership. I look forward to continuing to serve the industry as a Board member and will continue to be actively involved in ARA.”

ARA Executive Director, Sandy Blalock, affirmed that the entire Association leadership team and staff are committed to ensuring a smooth transition. 

“It has been a pleasure working with Chad and I look forward to continuing to work with him as a Board member. He will be a great asset to our Australian members. I know that Scott is ready and able to assume the reigns and has the support of the Board and Association staff behind him.”


Chris Daglis, founder and Managing Director of All Auto Recalls and Chris Daglis PARTnered Solutions, a strong supporter of the ARA said: 

ARA President, Chad Counselman, Steps Down to Join All Auto Recalls - Chris Daglis“We are extremely fortunate to have someone of Chad Counselman’s calibre coming to join our team. He will be an asset, not only to our team but to the industry in Australia and ARA. We are looking forward to working with Chad as we continue to build the recalls solution for the auto recycling industry. I am committed to supporting Chad and ARA grow the awareness of industry issues like recalls, but most importantly, to providing solutions to these.”

This is big news for the automotive recycling industry globally. Chad Counselman added: 

“The decision to move to Australia has been one we’ve considered very carefully, especially as the current President of ARA. This commitment to Chris and the Australian market is evidence of how seriously I feel about the recalls issue for our industry. Chris is building a solution that is revolutionary and helping deliver this to auto recyclers around the world is something I feel extremely strongly about.”


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