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ATF Professional ‘virtually’ brings the vehicle recycling industry together

Now that ATF Professional’s series of webinars for the vehicle recycling industry has come to a close, we take the opportunity to reflect on those thoughts provided by our expert speakers throughout the three mornings.


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Being as we are, in yet another lockdown, we had no choice but to utilise the virtual conferencing option. The platform we chose still allowed for networking opportunities and the chance for attendees to listen to a great line up of speakers just the same as if being at an actual event.

The first of our three free webinars kicked off on the 19th January, with a presentation by Copart UK Managing Director, Jane Pocock, who highlighted what the future has in store for vehicle salvage. She said that although the vehicle car park is changing from diesel to petrol, to seeing more EVs and HEVs entering our yards, the vehicle recycling industry must understand their role to be more environmentally friendly in everything they do. And to achieve this, working together to support these environmental issues is key.

ATF Professional webinars are over now back to the day job remo post
ATF Professional virtual networking

Andrew Marsh from Ezi-Methods followed on from Jane with his view on what we could expect from future vehicles. He said that they would continue to evolve, which means that more materials will be used, making more materials to be recycled. The big question was ‘which business owns what in each vehicle, does the owner have the right to recycle as they wish or are there pre-existing contractual obligations?’

SYNETIQ’s recently appointed CEO, Tom Rumboll, provided his thoughts about sustainability principles for the industry. He sees a fully integrated vehicle lifecycle and an end of life cycle which starts reconnecting OEMs, their customers, repairs, salvage and dismantling. He said we must create a circular economy for the sake of the environment and that we all have a role to play. The vehicle recycling industry must be very much a part of the life cycle of vehicles.

The second webinar opened with AVIVA Motor Technical Manager, Adam Murray, who, with many years in the insurance industry under his belt, and a wealth of knowledge about the auto industry, echoed the same sentiment from the previous webinar, that collaboration between stakeholders is vital.

Neil Joslin, e2e’s Chief Operating Officer’s gave his opinion on whether Brexit will break the salvage & recycling industry, and his view was one on uncertainty. However, like with any new situation, as an industry which is continually evolving, he sees great opportunity from this uncertainty we find ourselves in the UK.

To end the second day we had the pleasure of welcoming Dr Walter Stahel, Director of the Product-Life Institute Geneva, who discussed the sustainability of future vehicles and how EVs will not be the only new kind of vehicles seen entering our yards, we should be prepared to welcome hydrogen-powered vehicles too.

The final webinar, on the 26th January, welcomed another three great speakers, including Artemis Hatzi-Hull, who discussed the ELV Directive’s progress. She said she would like to see more stakeholders getting involved in the public/targeted stakeholder consultation which will be open for people to share their thoughts on what improvements could be made to the current ELV Directive. Roger Morton, Managing Director of Innovation & Technology at EMR, provided listeners with his presentation entitled ‘EVs Are Coming, Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace!’ He pointed out how we will start to see a considerable increase in EVs entering our yards within the next five to ten years and that we must be preparing for it now. He reminded the audience about the RECOVAS project they are leading along with BMW, Bentley Motors and JLR to create the first end of life supply chain for EV batteries in the UK.

And finally, we couldn’t get past this series of webinars without mentioning how the current climate regarding the pandemic may be affecting us. We invited Mike Monaghan from Auto-Motivate to give the audience a taste of what his company can offer as far as mindfulness goes.

About this series of webinars, Neil Joslin said:

ATF Professional webinars come to a close, now it’s back to the day job p one
Neil Joslin

“e2e were honoured to be Gold Sponsor of the whole event. Personally, I enjoyed all three days, they were very different and covered a good range of topics. Thanks for letting me speak about the Brexit impact – well, somebody had to do it! Bravo ATF Professional for putting on a great show.”

Tom Rumboll CEO at SYNETIQ said:

“Very well done to Haydn and Sian for organising an excellent event. We were grateful for the opportunity to share our vision for the future and what the next few years hold for our industry.”

Sian Courtney, Partner of ATF Professional said:

“It was great to see so many people attending our online event. When providing a conference virtually, especially after the success of our last conference in the flesh, we were unsure of how it would be received. It was also wonderful to have so many amazing speakers who gave their time and naturally, seeing so many people attend are the main ingredients for these events. With such encouraging feedback, we are now looking at doing further webinars in the not so distant future.”

Overall, many thoughts were gathered throughout the trio of webinars with the collaboration between stakeholders and working together to support one another in the vehicle recycling industry being very much the consensus of the majority of the speakers, and something we hope will continue to be achieved even after the mic has been turned off, the camera shut down and we go back to our daily business’.

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