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Autorecycling Kempers GmbH – ready for your imports

Do you have any German brand vehicles to break? Autorecycling Kempers GmbH offers a complete import, dismantling and breaking service


Autorecycling Kempers GmbH - ready for your imports feat post

ATF Professional spoke to Ayton Kempers, Co-Owner of Autorecycling Kempers GmbH, a German-based vehicle recycling company about their set up in Germany and how they are looking to continue to grow the import side of their business.

Established in the 1960s as a Dutch company, Autorecycling Kempers was situated just on the border of Holland and Germany. Ayton is third generation, and his grandfather imported cars from Germany. They began trading with cars and parts and started importing back from Germany, which was how their business grew.

In the late 80s, they started exporting car parts to Eastern European countries. By the late 90s, they had built a new facility in Holland and shortly after they acquired a contract with Volkswagen (VW) to take VW test cars and prototypes, basically any vehicle in their factory which needed to be destroyed.

Autorecycling Kempers GmbH - ready for your imports p one
Ayton Kempers, Co-Owner (L) and his father, Peter Kempers, Co-Owner (R) of Autorecycling Kempers GmbH

In 2005, they moved all their operations to Germany, and in the early days, they only focused on recycling materials and not on spare parts at all. Ayton joined the company nine years ago, and since then they began trading with parts again.

So far business is going well, they break about 1000 brand new cars a year. Currently, they are working on a contract with a German factory, which has the potential to increase their volume to over 5000 vehicles next year – brand new cars, many of which are prototypes which will have to be destroyed.

On the car parts side of the business, they process around 900-1000 cars a year. Most of these vehicles come from the UK, such as through Copart, IAA and some smaller yards in the UK source them and sell them to Kempers. They bid on all vehicles coming to them and on the parts they sell, they offer their customers a one year warranty.

They have an excellent international network and can arrange collection easily and quickly. If companies are thinking of exporting out of the UK, with their years of dealing with the likes of Copart and IAA, Kempers can offer an efficient import service.

Concerning Brexit, at this time, it is difficult to say how this will affect their import business. Ayton said: “If free trade remains, then it won’t be a problem. This is something that is needed throughout Europe.” Ayton seems confident that it will be business as usual. But any challenges faced will be worked on to ensure their business continues to be a success.

Other countries they import from beside the UK, include Australia, Dubai and Southern European countries. He said: “It is a little more complicated, but it works. Kempers are world traders. We are very experienced and knowledgable when it comes to importing.”

Autorecycling Kempers GmbH - ready for your imports p two
Autorecycling Kempers in Meppen, Germany

They continue to grow their business and are always looking for German breakers such as VW, Audi, BMW and exclusive vehicles such as Tesla, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bentley and that volume is not an issue.

They are an established business. They offer a complete service: importing, dismantling and breaking, and if cars are sent to them in their entirety, they test the components in the car so a year’s warranty can be offered.

So what makes Kempers the ideal place to send vehicles to when they could break them here in the UK?

If a company have a surplus of late-model German-/exclusive cars, Autorecycling Kempers GmbH offers a direct payment and fast collection. They pay high prices, making it a good deal for those who have overstock or for those businesses who specialise in other makes.

If you are interested in finding out more the service Autorecycling Kempers GmbH can provide, please contact Ayton Kempers at, alternatively visit their website at

Autorecycling Kempers GmbH - ready for your imports kempers logo

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