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If you belong to a company that provides a service to the vehicle dismantling industry and would like others to find out about what you do, please contact ATF Professional.


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G & P Batteries

The country’s leading waste battery collection specialist. Nationwide service. Full compliance. Wide range of storage options. Prompt and reliable collections. Expert advice. Closed loop recycling for lead acid batteries. 
We guarantee your waste batteries are safe in our hands. 

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H.Ripley Ltd – Buyers of scrap lead acid batteries

A UK leader in battery export * Collections throughout the UK * Battery boxes supplied free of charge * Competitive prices * Good service and prompt payment * Legislative compliance.

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Traction Chargers

Are you throwing good batteries into the scrap bin? Traction Chargers can quickly check if a battery is sulphated and therefore appearing to have ‘had it’, then recover it from a sulphated state, giving you a good, saleable battery, worth a lot more than the scrap value.

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