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Ben is increasing its mental health services for automotive industry people

Ben is extending mental health services to respond to a growing need

Ben is increasing its mental health services for automotive industry people

Ben announced it is increasing and enhancing its range of services for automotive industry people who need mental health support. By extending its services, The charity offers more choice for individuals seeking support with mental health and wellbeing issues including stress, anxiety and depression. 

This growth in their service provision is in direct response to insights gained about the needs of automotive industry people. Mental health is the most common reason why people reach out to Ben for support, with 52% contacting its helpline last year due to concerns with their mental health. 

Their new services will allow the charity to reach and support even more people in the automotive industry, which will be enabled through the introduction of a new digital platform.

Providing access to a range of different services including online self-help, a digital platform, as well as telephone or face-to-face talking therapies and telephone-based life coaching, give individuals more choice over how they receive support for their mental health.

Ben’s new digital platform will allow easy access and convenience for those who choose to receive support this way. The digital platform will support people with issues such as managing stress, anxiety and depression, as well as commonly associated issues like money worries or sleeping difficulties. As the charity continues to transform its health and wellbeing services, the digital platform will be extended to support people with their wellbeing, lifestyle and building personal resilience, with specific programmes including mindfulness.  

Ben will continue to provide information, advice and guidance through its helpline and support services, but will also have a dedicated, specialist team focusing on delivering mental health support, including in-house delivery of a mental health assessment service. 

Their online self-help, provided through its website and via email, will continue to provide useful, preventative and relevant tips, advice and tools on topics including mental health. Individuals can sign up at

If individuals need to speak to someone, they can contact the charity’s free and confidential helpline service and speak to a trained advisor, who may then refer them to a Case Manager. When someone contacts Ben about their mental health, their needs are assessed and a tailored action plan is developed to support them. This involves focusing on solutions, as well as monitoring and measuring both progress and positive outcomes. 

As well as the many benefits for individuals, automotive industry employers that work with Ben through Ben4Business are assured that all their employees have access to Ben’s mental health support. Currently, 1 in 3 referrals contacting Ben’s helpline for support come from Ben4Business employers. For employers wanting to find out more about working with Ben through Ben4Business and referring an employee for support, visit Ben’s website

Rachel Clift, Health & Wellbeing Director at Ben, said: 

Ben is increasing its mental health services for automotive industry people - Rachel Clift“We’re delighted to be increasing and enhancing our mental health services for automotive people. Our new digital services will enable us to support even more people and the extension of our services will offer individuals more informed choice and control in how they receive support for their mental health. 

“In addition to this, automotive employers can feel assured that their employees have access to a range of support options which are free and confidential. So whether you’re an individual struggling with your own mental health or an employer worried about an employee, please don’t put off getting in touch with us.”

Ben’s free, confidential support is offered to anyone who works or has worked, in the automotive industry and their family dependents. 


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