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BVSF/Retaina group Parts Marking Scheme goes live

bvsf and retaina group
Car body disassembled and many vehicles parts. 3d illustration

If you recall, a few months ago we included an article about the launch of the BVSF and Retainagroup’s certified secure labelling system for visibly marking recycled parts and registering them on a secure database, ISRpartscheck. ATF Professional caught up with Howard Barron, Senior Executive at Retainagroup to find out how they have progressed within the vehicle dismantling industry after several months of research.

We asked Howard how this concept came about and he told us that after leaving the insurance industry, where he focussed mainly on the repair and security side for almost 20 years, he was looking at a solution for marking parts in Malaysia, something which on his return to the UK he thought had legs within the salvage industry. Howard knew Roger West at BVSF and mentioned to him the idea of developing a way in which to identify salvaged parts. Roger supported the idea and once agreed by the Board in February this year, Retainagroup pressed ahead with designing the system. 

Although this is a relatively new project, Retainagroup is a well-established company having been suppliers to the motor industry of its marking and registration system for windows and parts for the past 37 years. Their long experience and expertise have been devoted to the development of a range of overt and covert marking processes aimed at putting criminals at maximum risk, if they steal marked vehicles or parts. Every mark includes a ‘unique reference number’ that is recorded with the relevant vehicle details on the Company’s secure database and can be quickly verified 24/7/365.  

Retainagroup carry out all product development in-house. Data is recorded on in-house services, under the strict control of the Company’s IT Department; it is backed up daily to a separate company owned site. All the marking products have accreditation to TQA – Thatcham’s quality assessment scheme. The secure database – the International Security Register – has ISO27001:2013 certification and the Company holds ISO9001:2015.

Turning to the benefits of adopting the new parts check scheme, the cost of a label and secure registration appears insignificant when the system is such an effective deterrent and detector of theft and fraud, thus protecting your business and your customers. Howard said “If labelled parts are stolen, it is easier to identify and convict criminals who have them in their possession”. He also mentioned that the internet provides access to parts being sold by businesses and private individuals, through outlets such as Facebook, eBay, Bonanza, Pricewow and Gumtree, to name but a few. This means the buyer cannot always know if the part(s) they have bought are legitimate. The labelled parts also protect the seller as they deter customers from returning their original faulty part.

Integral to the scheme is a check for any police interest on vehicles from which parts are to be recycled, to avoid the risk of stolen parts entering the supply chain. A vehicle’s insurance category is included in the database record and is therefore available for checking to ensure the part’s suitability. 

In addition to the security aspects of this new scheme, if you use the system correctly by registering every labelled part, it can also provide you with an efficient stock control system.

The system and branding have been developed specifically for members of the British Vehicle Salvage Federation (BVSF), but this is not to say that in future a separately branded system could not be developed for other salvage dealers who meet all the necessary and strict regulations, but are not members of the BVSF. However, this would have cost implications with new branding and increased administration. 

In a bid to improve consumer confidence in buying used parts from a trusted source, the BVSF will make the ISRpartscheck scheme available to members from the 1st October. Roger West commented “As soon as I was introduced to the scheme by Howard Barron, I came to the conclusion that it was worthwhile for the membership. I constantly strive to find systems to improve BVSF members’ day to day business activities and this I believe is one of those systems. When presented at the CARS event back in July it produced a huge amount of interest and suffice to say helped to create membership applications from a number of companies.”

As for the price, Howard told us, “It is cost effective – if it isn’t no one will support it.” At less than 20 pence a label (subject to order quantity), who can argue? There are no upfront costs – just the price of the labels. Registration and the services provided are included and can be accessed online. 

Application of a label is very easy – simply peel off the backing and stick the label on the relevant part. Both the adhesive and label material are designed to make it impossible to remove a label intact and special security features prevent copying.   

Responding to details of the scheme Tania Tucker of the Environment Agency said “————— “.

To find out more about the scheme please call 01233 333000 and quote ISRpartscheck or check out the website at

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