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There are many issues effecting vehicle dismantlers in the UK. ATF Professional supports several campaigns that helps to either raise awareness or combat illegal activity within the industry. Those below have either been instigated by either ATF Professional or other organisations. We encourage everyone to get involved.

If you would like to create awareness about any other issues please feel free to get in touch and we will endeavour to support you and the ATF community in general

Operation Shop a Chop Shop

The WMP force are fighting the selling of stolen car parts and organised crime. 

Tell your customers you are legal

Help educate your customers how to buy from legal dismantlers.

Report Illegal dismantlers

What you should do if you think someone is dismantling vehicles illegally

Work with the EA

Do you have an idea that might improve vehicle dismantling legislation. Let us know

Operation Shop a Chop Shop

West Midlands Police has launched a campaign urging people to Shop a Chop Shop amid concerns a spiralling demand for car parts is fuelling the rise in vehicle crime, including car key burglaries and violent car-jackings.

Vehicle crime has increased significantly in the last two years driven by the demand for parts to repair write-offs sold as repairable by the insurance industry.

They urge anyone,in-particular staff working at industrial estates, to report units or garages they suspect are being used to dismantle stolen vehicles.

Tell Your Customers You Are Legal

Within the vehicle dismantling industry the legislation required to operate legally is well known. However if the buyers of salvaged parts are not aware that they may be buying from an illegal operator it just helps in the increase of rogue dismantlers.

Educating the public can only help  fight the problem. ATF Professional in conjunction with the EA and eBay have created material for you to help make your customers aware of the problems that buying illegals parts create but also to make them assured that they are buying form a legal company.

Here you can find several Facebook and Twitter posts that you can upload to promote your company and highlight the problem of illegal dismantling. Also there is a PDF that can be printed which can be included in any parcel you send out to a customer.


Crimestoppers - Why Bother

When reporting any illegal activity calling Crimestoppers is usually the suggested route to take. But does your call actually do anything?

ATF Professional contacted several  organisation to enquire and was assured that all tip off’s are investigated and any information CrimeStoppers receives helps put a stop to illegal operators. Your call is anonymous therefore your personal information cannot be saved and they will not contact you to give you an update on the information you have provided. So it may not be obvious to what action is being taken.

However, what is important is that every report of suspected illegal operation that is made has to be filed and these numbers help to highlight the increasing problem that legitimate vehicle dismantlers are experiencing.

CrimeStoppers be contacted on 0800 555111 alternatively you can fill in their anonymous online form. 

You can also ATF Professional directly and we can pass on the information directly to the EA


Report an Illegal Dismantler

If you suspect that illegal vehicle dismantling is happening near you you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 or fill in their online form. Your information is provided anonymously.

Alternatively contact ATF Professional and we will pass on the details to the EA on your behalf

Work With the EA

As the world of vehicle dismantling changes so does the rules and legislation effecting it.