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Caravan salvage – the COVID lockdown ‘lull before the storm’

For caravan salvage specialist, KTG Caravans and Campers, while campsites have had to stay closed during the lockdown, there’s been a big drop in recovery work. With no caravans or motorhomes out and about, it means less accidents, less damage and less insurance claims to recover. We spoke to Karl Pearce, the owner of KTG Caravans and Campers (KTG) about the current situation and his thoughts on the season ahead.


Caravan salvage – the COVID lockdown ‘lull before the storm’ p two
Nicola and Karl Pearce

The ‘lull before the storm’

While caravan and motorhome insurance claims are lower than usual at the moment, Karl Pearce believes this could be the ‘lull before the storm’: “Since the government announced campsites in England can open again from 12 April, the caravanning community has gone crazy booking campsites and trips away. They can’t wait to get out and about, and we’ve heard some people are having difficulty booking as a lot of campsites are already fully-booked.”

“So, I’m hoping caravan insurance companies can make the most of things being quieter than usual, as it looks like it’s going to be a busy season ahead with a lot of potential for claims. Maybe this is a good time to ensure you have the capacity to cope with a rise in recoveries needed in the months ahead,” said Karl Pearce.

Newcomers to caravanning

Not only is the pent-up demand going to bring a burst of caravanning activity onto the roads in April, but the boom in staycations also means there are a lot of ‘newbies’ – people who have bought a caravan or motorhome for the first time.

“2021 is expected to be another really busy year for staycations and demand for new and used caravans, campervans and motorhomes is predicted to remain strong. This attracts a lot of first-time buyers, and we’ve had many customers who are complete novices at towing caravans or driving a big vehicle like a motorhome. This increases the risk of damage and accidents in the season ahead,” says Karl Pearce.

Time to review

With only a few weeks to go until campsites open again, Karl Pearce wonders if caravan and motorhome insurance companies are prepared for a potentially busy season ahead and hope they might be using this time to review their salvage roster and make sure they have reliable caravan salvage agents on board.

“We have 10 years of experience of caravan salvage and like to save costs on insurance claims for our clients by offering a full service, including prompt recovery, plus storage and disposal if required,” says Karl Pearce.

KTG has the facility to store caravans whilst claims are ongoing and can arrange for repairs to be done on behalf of the insurer using an AWS engineer, or arrange for the disposal of the caravan.

Caravan salvage – the COVID lockdown ‘lull before the storm’ p

Insurance claims

KTG works with a number of insurance companies and has recovered caravans and motorhomes from across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. It would like to be the preferred salvage agent for more insurance companies in this sector.

Usually, the caravans or motorhomes KTG recovers have either been stolen, damaged in an accident or other incident (e.g. fire or flooding), or need recovering due to the illness of the owner.

KTG can undertake repairs for the insurance company or will pay a percentage of the vehicle’s pre-accident value (depending on the category of the damage, CAT A, B, S or N) and do any repairs itself, or dismantle it for parts.

Vehicle dismantling

KTG has its own workshop for dismantling caravans and as a professional caravan salvage agent, it is, of course, fully Insured, licensed and registered with the Environment Agency.

When a caravan is dismantled, it is completely stripped of everything – windows, upholstery, cupboards, sinks, taps, ovens, etc. – until it is just a bare shell. This is then passed on to a local scrap metal company. Any gas bottles are passed on to another local business, rather than storing them on-site.

All parts removed from a caravan are stored and displayed in KTG’s new warehouse and then sold to consumers – mainly local people, but it does also post parts all over the country. All parts are checked and sold with a three-month warranty.

Caravan salvage – the COVID lockdown ‘lull before the storm’ p three

If you would like to find out more about KTG Caravans and Campers, contact Karl on 01782 636306 or visit its website at  

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