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CarTakeBack Scrap Car Price Update April 2021

Cartakeback report an 86% increase in scrap car prices compared to the same time last year


CarTakeBack Scrap Car Price Update April 2021 feat

CarTakeBack report another bumper month for scrap car prices. After a stable start to the year, there have been increases over the last two months to the network’s prices. April saw a decent increase of 7% compared to the average values in March.

A great improvement compared to this time last year when, as the impact of Covid lockdowns hit, they were reporting a 24% decrease year on year and a 17% decrease compared to the previous month. This April, prices were up a huge 86% compared to April 2020!

Top Cars Scrapped in April

The top scrapped car with CarTakeBack in April was again the Ford Focus, as it has been for the last ten months. The average scrap price for a Ford Focus increased by a considerable 15% compared to March 2021 and by a huge 127% compared to April 2020! This year on year increase again highlights the impact that the uncertainty the initial Covid lockdown had on the industry.

About the CarTakeBack Scrap Car Price Index
The CarTakeBack Scrap Car Price Index is a rolling monthly index covering the last 13 months. It’s updated monthly using the prices paid for scrap cars at CarTakeBack recycling centres throughout the UK. The prices are shown as a percentage, using the first month as the base price.

We’ve taken into account that cars come in all shapes and sizes, which has an effect on their scrap value, by adjusting the prices to show what the average car would be worth. This means that the index gives a great indication of the movement in the value of scrap cars from one month to another.


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