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CarTakeBack Scrap Car Price Update August 2021

Cartakeback provides the latest scrap car prices for August 2021 which shows an increase of 55% compared to the same time the previous year.


After a slight drop in July, this month CarTakeBack are reporting that August saw the average value of a scrap car maintain. Although prices from the network may not be the highest seen this year, they’re still higher than previous months and considerably higher than this time last year.

Year on year prices were up by 55% compared to those in August 2020. Early signs show that prices may maintain again into September.

CarTakeBack Scrap Car Price Update August 2021 f

Top Cars Scrapped in August

The most scrapped car at CarTakeBack ATFs in August was again the Ford Focus, which makes it 14 months at the top spot! Though average scrap prices maintained overall, the average price for a Ford Focus decreased slightly by 4% compared to July 2021.
About the CarTakeBack Scrap Car Price Index
The CarTakeBack Scrap Car Price Index is a rolling monthly index covering the last 13 months. It’s updated monthly using the prices paid for scrap cars at CarTakeBack recycling centres throughout the UK. The prices are shown as a percentage, using the first month as the base price.
We’ve taken into account that cars come in all shapes and sizes, which has an effect on their scrap value, by adjusting the prices to show what the average car would be worth. This means that the index gives a great indication of the movement in the value of scrap cars from one month to another.

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