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If you belong to a company that provides a service to the vehicle dismantling industry such a buying catalytic converters and would like others to find out about what you do, please contact ATF Professional.

Catalytic Converter Buyers

AMF wants your catalytic converters

AMF is a professional company with nine years industry experience, We offer a collection service with immediate payments and grading done in front of customer. Deliveries also taken. Please call us for the latest prices.

BASF Metals Recycling Ltd

BASF refines precious metals contained in scrap automotive catalytic converters. We accept ceramic catalytic converters, both canned and as monolith, as well as metallic catalytic converters for refining. Our sampling and analysis techniques have been developed over many years to provide accurate results for Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium. 

JWB Recycling Ltd


JWB are specialists in the recycling of catalytic convertors and other precious metal waste. JWB Recycling will buy your scrap catalytic convertors for cash from anywhere in the country. We offer on-site assessment of scrap with an immediate decision and settlement in cash.

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Owain Griffiths

Owain Griffiths

Head of Circular Economy at Volvo Cars

Owain joined Volvo Cars in June 2021 to lead Circular Economy in the Global Sustainability Team. The company has committed to being a circular business by 2040 and has financial, recycled content and CO2 based targets for 2025, all of which Owain is working across the company to make happen. Owain previously worked for circular economy consultancy Oakdene Hollins where he advised businesses on evidence led circular economy implementation. 

Turning into a circular business and the importance of vehicle reuse and recycling.

The presentation will cover the work Volvo Cars is doing to achieve 2025 but mainly focus on the transformational work towards 2040 and the business and value chain changes being considered. Attention will be paid to the way vehicles are being dealt with at the end of life and the complexities of closing material and component loops. Opportunities and challenges which Volvo Cars is facing will be presented including engagement with 3rd parties and increasing pressure from stakeholders.