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CD Salvage – Flexibility will be key through the summer

As the economy emerges from the pandemic it is clear that the automotive industry is facing a perfect storm of pressures that will drive a dynamic market for salvage over the coming months.


CD Salvage - Flexibility will be key through the summer feat
Julie Carter

The shortages of new vehicles that began with factory closures around the world due to lockdown are now exacerbated by a global chip shortage. With delivery deadlines extending by the week, demand for used vehicles is booming.

Demand for stock is likely to continue for the short to medium term as the economy recovers and pent up demand is met. There is also some evidence that as China emerged from lockdown, demand for cars spiked as people returned to work but were wary of public transport.

To help meet the growing demand for stock, CD Salvage has launched Salvage Remarketplace. The trade platform enables buyers to list their own stock and trade with each other. Vehicles are also listed for sale on to maximise the audience for each vehicle.

Commenting on the launch Julie Carter, operations manager of CD Salvage said:

“Our new sales channels is an enhancement of our current digital platform. It was developed in response to demand from our customers and was designed to be super easy to use and comes with no subscriptions fees. Early trials have received great feedback and we are confident that it will provide an essential resource for the industry.” 

Salvage Remarketplace has seen strong bidding through its early trials. Vehicles can be imaged by sellers at any location, which speeds up the process and reduces the number of vehicle moves, to save time, cost and benefit the environment.

The buyer is responsible for the collection of the vehicle. CD Salvage has launched a new service that enables users to manage all their transport moves and administration on one app-driven platform.

The terms and conditions give buyers and sellers peace of mind and a full audit process is available on every vehicle. Each vehicle’s data is verified by a dedicated CD Salvage team member to ensure the images match the description.

The app manages end to end transport moves using an audited network of plated drivers, transporters and inspect and collect services. Users access a national network of suppliers who bid for each move based on the best time and cost.

CD Salvage - Flexibility will be key through the summer p one
Graham Howes

Graham Howes concluded:

“Our salvage operations have had a fantastic start to the year as more buyers have turned to us for quality stock. As we continue to drive innovation across the sector we believe that our knowledge and expertise in digital auctions will set us apart. It’s clear that flexibility and agility are the keys to successful trading in a dynamic and fast-moving market.”

In the first quarter of the year, CD Salvage moved to sales five days a week to meet demand. The sales cover both cars and vans as both markets have seen strong bidding and values.


CD Salvage - Flexibility will be key through the summer p three

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