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CMR takes delivery of SEDA’s ‘state of the art’ depollution stations

Car and Metal Recyclers (CMR), a vehicle recycler based in Aldershot, Hampshire, UK recently took delivery of two of SEDA’s state of the art tilting ramps and two new Module2 depollution stations.


SEDA ‘state of the art’ depollution stations at CMR post one

These versatile ramps are the first to be installed in the UK, and George Bouldon, owner of Car and Metal Recyclers in Aldershot is leading the way with this new technology to improve efficiency and put through of ELVs.

The reason for the new equipment was to update what they currently had, which also happened to be from SEDA and had been installed over 15 years ago, so they have a long-term business relationship. SEDA offers a thorough service from start to finish, with the optimum focus being that their service continues even after the installation is complete. 

CMR went over to the SEDA head office in Austria, to pick out and try the kit they required, in this case, they selected two of SEDA’s new Module2 depollution stations which are compact units comprising of two independent columns. The first column, which is for fuels, has an air processing unit and a tank drilling machine on a swing arm with an easy to use fuel switch.

There are two powerful double diaphragm pumps for petrol & diesel complete with two quality control units. The second column has an air processing unit with a powerful double diaphragm pump for waste oil complete with an oil swing arm with a single funnel, powerful double diaphragm pump for coolant/washer fluid, with a suction hose for washer fluid and coolant hoses with quick-release couplings. It also has a compact, built-in kuli for separate brake fluid recovery complete with a brake fluid hose set.

Tony Peacock, General Manager for SEDA-Environmental UK Ltd, told us that this station can easily depollute 25-30 cars a day. He said that this lifting system is quite a piece of kit “it is unique as it doesn’t just go up and down, it is actually a vertical and a tilt-back system, it rises to 1.8m and tilts back to 70 degrees while it’s in the air”. He added that CMR is “the first company to have this ramp in the UK.”  

CMR ordered the equipment at the beginning of March and took delivery in April, but it couldn’t be installed until the lockdown had been lifted. So installation took place around the 1st of June – a relatively quick process and would have been quicker if it wasn’t for the COVID situation. But the job was done, and the SEDA team was able to adhere to the social distancing restrictions as normal. Tony pointed out that “it’s business as usual with SEDA”. 

Andy Carter, the Site Manager at CMR, had plenty of positives to say about their recent purchase. He told us that they have had SEDA equipment for many years and its always been reliable, the reason why they stick with SEDA. 

Andy told us that due to the current COVID situation, they hadn’t had the opportunity to use the kit to its full potential. It was installed after the lockdown was relaxed, therefore the number of vehicles being depolluted is fewer. Still, he is confident that these ramps will speed the process up, and CMR will be able to depollute 30 vehicles a day on one ramp. 

About their new depollution stations, Andy said:

“the newer kit is better because it makes light work for the operator. And being more ergonomic due to the versatility of the ramp, it makes extremely light work of catalytic converter or any underside parts removal.” 

He expressed that it’s not just about the kit, but about the full service you get from SEDA, he told us how they flew out to Austria in October last year and met Tony Peacock at the airport, who drove them to SEDA’s headquarters. He said: “He has dealt with Tony for many years and find him to be a very honest, straight forward guy.” He added: “SEDA’s kit has moved on in 15 years, it’s much more hi-tech and simpler to use, and it ticks every box for health and safety.” 

For further information this or any other SEDA product please contact us on or visit

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