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Combellack revamps its yard with Wickens car racks

wickens - Vehicle dismantler's racking
Wickens car racking at Combellack
St Austell based Combellack Vehicle Recyclers recently installed Wickens Car Racks to increase their yard’s storage capacity and improve site operations.


After completing some research on vehicle storage solutions and seeing Wickens Car Rack Systems in place at several other vehicle dismantlers’ yards, Combellack decided to invest in what they believed was a reliable product from a well-established supplier.

Darren Combellack, General Manager at Combellack said, “We required a fairly bespoke package with staged delivery and self-installation, which Wickens coped with admirably,”
He added, “The rack design is robust and clean, which helped with the racking installation.”

Car racking for dismantlers
A revamped yard at Combellack

The new racks allow storing nearly 300 vehicles on three and four-high car racks, replacing the existing two-high racking, which was installed on site over a decade ago.

The storage footprint reduced significantly, making room on site for 65% more cars than before.

As a result, Combellack is now able to increase its stock and provide a greater range of parts to its customers.

Access to selective vehicles is also time-saving – a particular car required for dismantling can be easily found and accessed with a forklift truck in a matter of minutes.

In addition to the Car Racking, Combellack opted in for some axle racks with a total of 30 storage locations over five levels.

Darren said: “We felt like we were looked after as customers and the product speaks for itself.

“We are looking forward to increasing our stock and helping more of our customers to find the parts they are after in less time than before.”

Visit Wickens at to find out more about their Car Racks and how they can have a positive impact on your sites’ storage capacity.

If you require any used vehicle parts or are looking to scrap your car, contact Combellack Vehicle Recyclers on




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