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Consultation on assessing and scoring permit compliance response

Responses to the consultation on assessing and scoring permit compliance was published by the EA last month.

This consultation described the EA’s proposals to update the Compliance Classification Scheme (CCS) guidance which is the methodology used to assess, categorise and score permit compliance. The changes proposed in this consultation would allow the EA to take the first major step towards implementing Performance Based Regulation.

The EA sought views on potential changes to 2 of the main principles of the CCS guidance which relate to consolidation and suspension of scores. These changes could affect subsistence charges. They also sought views on potential changes to their service level regarding the timeliness of providing the CAR form.

The opening section reads; ‘In the longer-term, we want to move towards a common framework for regulating across all permitted sites. We’re also keen to build on this common framework as we develop the principles of Performance Based Regulation.’

‘However, in the short-term we’ve decided not to take forward the proposed changes to consolidating ELVs or suspending scores as outlined in this consultation. We have also decided not to change our service level regarding the timeliness of the CAR form – this will remain as 14 days. We have taken this decision to give us additional time to assess the impact of our guidance and the role it plays in enabling us to protect people and the environment.’

‘During this consultation, we have reviewed our current approach to assessing permit compliance across regimes. Whilst in the future, we want to move towards a common regulatory framework for all permitted sites, we acknowledge that in the short term there is a need for some differences in our current approaches.’

To read the full consultation document here consultation response document

See also the policy paper – Assessing and scoring environmental permit compliance

This policy paper includes the following:

  • 6 principles which explain how the EA assesses and scores permit compliance
  • an explanation of what happens after a compliance assessment
  • an explanation of how the EA uses the results of an assessment, including how this affects subsistence charges for waste operations and installations


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