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Copart Keen to Keep Conversation Going

Jane Pocock, Managing Director of Copart UK & Ireland, shares her thoughts on the ATF Professional Webinars.


Copart Keen to Keep Conversation Going feat
Jane Pocock

I was pleased to take part in the ATF Professional series of webinars this month, for those involved in the vehicle recycling industry, as both a speaker and as Silver Sponsor for the event.

This was a fantastic opportunity to share information and network with other key members of the automotive and recycling industries. It was great to see so many attendees and I really enjoyed listening to the other speakers.

Copart Inc. is a global player in vehicle salvage remarketing and recycling, and here in the UK, we have been a major contributor to the green parts market for some time.

This event was a great opportunity for me to share some insights on ‘The Future of Salvage’, from the perspective of Copart and the global industry experts that we work closely with.

We know the vehicle car park is changing from diesel to petrol, model variations are increasing, and there is fast growth in the hybrid/electric vehicles market. Combine this with more complex vehicle technology being too expensive to repair and the steady decline of body shops, it’s easy to see how vehicle values and rising repair costs are tipping more vehicles into the total loss arena.

Salvage prices have increased considerably year on year and the desire to repair and recycle vehicles is high. This reflects an ever-growing social attitude across the globe to be more environmentally friendly in everything that we do. Within our industry, we all have an important role to play in this.

It’s vital that we continue to collaborate as an industry, working together to support environmental issues. With the help of events like this, we need to keep talking, sharing, and promoting all the great work we are already doing regarding vehicle recycling.

Not only will this improve the reputation of the industry, but by working together we can continue to identify more solutions for the repair market as the use of quality green parts becomes more common and accepted.

Here at Copart, we are keen to play a key role in this and I look forward to future industry events where we can keep this important conversation going.

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