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Copart Launches 360° Imaging for Vehicles in Auction

As part of their ongoing digital transformation programme, Copart announces an exciting new addition to the suite of services available in their patented online auctions, with the Copart 360° imaging feature (C360).

Copart Launches 360° Imaging for Vehicles in Auction featThe introduction of 360° imaging sits alongside the existing vehicle information that includes 20 quality HD images, detailed Lot descriptions and HPI data, all of which is already provided on every Lot.

C360 gives Copart Members a new and even better way to see selected vehicles up close when viewing online, with 360° exterior and interior HD footage available on a wide range of Lots.

With many of our Members unable to view vehicles in person at present, we’re delighted to assist their buying decisions with this service which provides another additional method of assessing a vehicle’s condition.

Vehicles with the C360 feature available will be listed at our online auctions with a 360° icon under the vehicle’s photo on the Lot Details page. Members can then simply select ‘Exterior’ for a panoramic view of the outside of the vehicle or ‘Interior’ for a detailed insight into everything from the back seats to the dashboard.

We are using the latest technology to provide the most accurate imagery, and useful functions including zoom and expand to full screen are available to gain an even closer view.

C360 is also mobile responsive, so our Members can inspect vehicles of interest whether they are out and about, or at home.

Extensive training has been carried out across our 15 UK Operation Centres to ensure that our teams have the correct skills and knowledge to follow photographic best practises and capture the highest standards of vehicle imagery.

 C360 is one of many recent customer-facing tech achievements for Copart UK, alongside the Copart Transportation App, Owner Connect SMS Service, and numerous enhancements to our live auction platform. 

Phil Briggs, Director of Operation Centres, Transport & Engineering, said:

Copart Launches 360° Imaging for Vehicles in Auction p two
Phil Briggs

“Our continued investment in technology has enabled us to develop a complete contactless service to customers, which has been vital throughout the pandemic. 360° imaging gives our Members more clarity and detail when viewing vehicles remotely and provides them with the necessary tools for accurate and efficient vehicle evaluation.

Enhancing and developing our technology is all part of our commitment to continuous service improvement and we’re delighted that our C360 feature will help to drive fast and accurate buying decisions for our Members.”

Find out more about our patented online auction technology

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