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Copart Launches GO App

With Copart’s brand new GO App, automotive customers can list vehicles from their own premises in minutes, and market them to captive Copart buyers around the world.


Copart Launches GO App feat

Once the vehicles are uploaded through the app, they are listed in Copart’s patented, live online auctions – reaching a global membership base in over 115 countries. 

What is GO App?

Copart’s GO App is aimed at automotive sellers who do not need to take advantage of Copart’s UK-wide vehicle collection, preparation and storage capabilities, but who want to sell their vehicles rapidly and simply from their premises.

How does Copart’s GO App work?

The app walks the seller through the process of listing and selling vehicles. All that is needed is a phone, it is that simple.

It provides more than just access to another ‘list of vehicle adverts’ – it’s a rapid method of accessing Copart’s competitive online auctions, where buyers from across the world bid on and buy vehicles each week.

What benefits will the Copart GO App bring you?

This mobile technology provides a unique platform where users can access Copart’s weekly online auctions, without needing to move their vehicles.

Vehicle listings are exposed to millions of searches by Copart’s member base of global buyers, resulting in access to a high-value marketing platform. It also offers instant notifications on bids and no limit to the number of vehicles that can be listed. 

Copart’s GO App will bring unrivalled exposure, endless benefits, and a hassle-free sales process, all from a phone!

For more information go to

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