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Copart to roll out company-wide Carbon Literacy Training

As part of Copart’s ongoing Copart Cares commitment to sustainability, it’s accelerating plans to roll out a company-wide carbon literacy training programme to increase awareness around environmental issues both inside and outside of work.


Copart to roll out company-wide Carbon Literacy Training f

Copart takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and has made sustainability the focal point of its future strategy.

Helping the company to achieve net-zero emissions is ‘Plan-Net-Zero’ – its formal commitment to both global sustainability and becoming a more sustainable business.

Educating and encouraging all Copart’s teammates to live and breathe sustainability in everything they do is a crucial aspect of this commitment.

Copart was delighted to be invited to first level ‘bronze’ training by AutoTrader, who are delivering the training on behalf of government-funded initiative The Carbon Literacy Project. 

The Carbon Literacy Project aims to provide an understanding of what climate change is, how it affects us, and the actions we all need to take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, through training delivered through workplaces, educational institutions, and communities.

Individuals who are carbon literate will understand the effects of climate change and will have acquired the knowledge, skills, and cultural shift to lower their carbon footprint, both inside and outside of work.

Having completed training themselves with The Carbon Literacy Project and achieving a silver level status, AutoTrader are now delivering training to other businesses within the automotive industry as part of their journey towards achieving a gold level status.

Copart’s Managing Director recently attended the training with AutoTrader, to kickstart the company’s commitment to achieving net-zero and gain bronze level status for its business.

Copart is now accelerating plans to roll the training out to circa 1,200 teammates across its 19 UK locations.

The training will include the science behind climate change, global and local impact, the effects on the automotive industry, how to lower emissions and carbon footprint – both in and out of work – and understanding this important cultural change.

Jane Pocock, Managing Director of Copart UK & Ireland, said:

Copart to roll out company-wide Carbon Literacy Training JP
Jane Pocock

“We’re grateful to AutoTrader for helping us to take our first steps towards company-wide carbon literacy in line with our Plan-Net-Zero programme. We’re delighted to have this opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and to work alongside a business whose CSR values align so closely with our own.

We are planning to achieve gold status as soon as possible by rolling out training to all teammates across our business.”

Carbon Literacy training is just one of many projects currently underway as part of Copart’s Plan-Net-Zero. Other current initiatives include:

  • The continued expansion of our UK recycling and green parts capabilities.
  • An ongoing sustainability refurbishment programme to ensure that its future offices will be energy efficient and constructed responsibly.
  • The introduction of more outside green spaces to our locations to improve air quality, encourage nature, and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Investment in upgrading our fleet, to deliver lower mileage, lower fuel consumption, and lower emissions as part of our ‘Greenest Fleet on the Street’ initiative.
  • Ongoing fleet replacement and expansion programme, supporting its commitment to providing Euro VI compliancy across our full 250-strong transporter fleet.

With many more projects in the pipeline,  Copart is passionately committed to making meaningful and transformative changes today to create a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.

Read more about Copart’s Plan-Net-Zero.

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Owain Griffiths

Owain Griffiths

Head of Circular Economy at Volvo Cars

Owain joined Volvo Cars in June 2021 to lead Circular Economy in the Global Sustainability Team. The company has committed to being a circular business by 2040 and has financial, recycled content and CO2 based targets for 2025, all of which Owain is working across the company to make happen. Owain previously worked for circular economy consultancy Oakdene Hollins where he advised businesses on evidence led circular economy implementation. 

Turning into a circular business and the importance of vehicle reuse and recycling.

The presentation will cover the work Volvo Cars is doing to achieve 2025 but mainly focus on the transformational work towards 2040 and the business and value chain changes being considered. Attention will be paid to the way vehicles are being dealt with at the end of life and the complexities of closing material and component loops. Opportunities and challenges which Volvo Cars is facing will be presented including engagement with 3rd parties and increasing pressure from stakeholders.