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Copart’s Rapid Response to Rotherham Floods

Copart's rapid response to Rotherham floodsOnline vehicle remarketing company Copart UK has demonstrated the power and capability of its emergency response strategy and market leading mobile technology, with the rapid recovery of over 100 flood-damaged vehicles from South Yorkshire.

Following the recent severe flooding in the north of England, Copart was contacted by their insurance customer who had over 100 flood-damaged used and new vehicles on site at Perrys car dealership in Rotherham. 

Copart have developed a fast and effective flood response strategy, adopting UK emergency service techniques to create DIMES, their Dynamic Incident Management Escalation process. This includes the Copart Response Unit, a mobile ‘pop-up’ office, which includes all the equipment needed to carry out all the necessary tasks at the scene, reducing timescales and keeping a tighter control over their customers’ vehicles. 

With a dedicated surge management team always on standby and a range of mobile technology solutions with the capability to assess, image and process vehicles on-site, Copart can provide immediate response to minimise impact and disruption within the local community and provide rapid resolution of policy holder claims for its insurance customers. 

Upon instruction, Copart immediately deployed a surge management team of Drivers, including centrally co-ordinated roamer recovery drivers, alongside multi-skilled office and yard operatives from their Peterlee and Sandtoft Operations Centres, to process and recover over 100 Kia and Vauxhall vehicles. 

The unique combination of Copart’s DIMES process, extensive UK operational capacity and cutting-edge mobile receiving and imaging devices enabled the team to complete the processing through to relocation in just two days despite the challenges of restricted access, non-runners, missing number plates and vehicles being spread across three Perrys sites. 

Many of the recovered vehicles will now benefit from Copart’s exclusive partnership with Polygon vehicle decontamination services, restoring flood-damaged vehicles to food hygiene level standards and maximising their value for sellers when they are sold through Copart’s online auctions. 

Lee Whittingham, Sales Manager at Perrys, said:

“Copart’s surge management team arrived promptly on the scene first thing in the morning. We were impressed by the politeness and efficiency of the team, who worked methodically to get the job completed as quickly as possible, allowing Perrys Rotherham to swiftly resume their normal business operations.” 

Phil Briggs, Director of Operations Centres, Transport & Engineering, added:

“We have a well-established and highly effective strategy for dealing with catastrophic incidents and natural disasters on behalf of UK motor insurers. With our network over 200 multi-car transporters, 17 UK Operations Centres and specialist mobile technology, we were perfectly positioned to provide fast and efficient response for this large volume of flood-damaged vehicles, enabling our insurance customer to rapidly resolve their claims and minimising further disruption to the local community and businesses.” 

To learn more about Copart UK, please visit 

Copart's rapid response to Rotherham floodsImage:(L-R) Marco Russo (Copart Driver), Viktor Repsiev (Copart Driver), Stuart Jefferson (Copart Trainer), John Kirkham (Perrys Retail Manager), Amy Lindsay (Copart Office Manager), Rob Brown (Copart Multi-Skilled Yard Operative) & Wayne Price (Perrys Fleet Process Chaser). 

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