Essential information for end of life vehicle dismantling, depollution and recycling

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Depollution Podcast From Salvage Wire

Andy Latham, Managing Director of Salvage Wire begins a weekly ‘Depollution’ podcast, starting on the 7th April for the vehicle recycling and salvage industries.

Podcast Salvage Wire Depollution

Podcast Salvage Wire Depollution Andy Latham
Andy Latham

“As a long time listener to podcasts, I have always wanted to create a series of podcasts that were specific to the vehicle recycling and salvage industries and this enforced period of home working has given me the time and the enthusiasm to start, so on Tuesday 7 April ‘Depollution from Salvage Wire’ will be released.

We are bringing inspiring and interesting leaders from the global vehicle recycling and vehicle salvage industries into your phone, tablet or computer on a weekly basis. In addition, we will also include other leaders who will be able to challenge every listener and inspire the industry.

A new podcast will be released every Tuesday, and keep an eye on our social media posts so you know when a podcast has been released and how you can download them to listen.”

Free High Voltage training from Salvage Wire

High voltage vehicles can kill, and handling these vehicles correctly in the vehicle recycling and vehicle salvage industries are important for the safety of the operator and the business. 


For a limited period of time, Salvage Wire has some free training videos available on the handling of high voltage, electric and hybrid vehicles. 

These videos cover a wide range of subjects, including:

  • Vehicle Disconnection process
  • High Voltage Tools and Personal Protective Equipment
  • High Voltage Battery Removal
  • High Voltage Battery Storage
  • First Responders – How to handle High Voltage Vehicles

Full details of how to access these videos are available from Salvage Wire, contact us through our website for the access codes at

Podcast Salvage Wire Depollution

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