Essential information for end of life vehicle dismantling, depollution and recycling


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If you belong to a company that provides equipment to the vehicle dismantling industry like depollution systems and would like others to find out about what you do, please contact ATF Professional.

Depollution Systems

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Crow De-pollution Systems

Crow offer a comprehensive range of equipment from low volume systems for the small operator through our fully pumped midi unit for the vehicle breaker which can be used between two work station, to our unique high volume system which utalises our specifically design 4 ram scissor lift avoiding unnecessary double handling of vehicles between low and high fixed stands Over 2000 units now operating across Europe, Africa and North & South America.

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Green Car Depollution Stations

Green Car Depollution Stations are the result of over 12 years experience and knowledge, simplifying and perfecting a system that gives you exactly what you require to remove all hazardous liquids, petrol, diesel, waste oil, coolant and screen wash from an end of Life vehicle. All items including depollution cabinets with pumps are available separately, ideally suitable for adding extra capacity to your existing equipment.

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Iris-Mec Drainage Systems

Iris-mec offer an extensive range of options to allow for systems to be tailored to an individual site.
ISL Fluid Drainage System ISL fluid drainage system incorporating 3 air pressure pumps, and 1 vacuum jet PFT, comprising of 2 air pumps, and an air powered drill BRL arm, to drain the engine, gearbox, brakes and differential oils. The BRL comes complete with all hosing & valves.
ISE Fluid Drainage System comprising of 5 air pumps for each specific fluid; PFT comprising of 2 air pumps and an air drill; BRL arm to drain engine oil, brakes and differential complete with tubes.


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SEDA Stationary Systems for ELV Drainage


Devices can be used independently or as part of plants or systems. For each liquid there is the appropriate device. Vehicle racks allow you to process the cars from below. There are several platforms, lifts or rigid vehicle racks. Mobile systems can always be relocated to adjust the operating conditions and are an alternative where fixed installations are not desired. Stationary systems are permanently mounted and tailor made. From site planning to individual systems and service – SEDA is your partner.