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DH Systems, Frontier and the proposed merger

DH SystemsI’m sure everyone has read about the proposed merger between Motorhog, Car Transplants and DH Systems.  It also raises questions about the future of Frontier as a product, support, websites and other commitments that DH Systems’ customers might expect. We ask DH Systems what is to come.


What does the future hold for DH Systems?

After the merger, DH Systems will operate autonomously. This means we will have the freedom to develop and support all our products, and we will continue to run out of our Edinburgh office for the foreseeable future. We will continue working to serve the industry to the best of our ability, the merger will facilitate this by allowing us to expand into new areas.

Will Frontier be available in the future?

Yes – Frontier Salvage and Frontier Dismantling and all our other products will continue to be available for any paying customer. We will continue to offer our great support to all paying clients and will be continuing to improve and add new features to Frontier and should be adding some new ones too.

How will company and corporate data be safeguarded?  After all, some of your customers will be competing with the new company.

We are currently drawing up good-governance contracts for all our customers, which will provide detailed information on what we will do and will not do with any data or confidential information we might have access to. Currently, we treat all customer data as confidential and we do not download or access any data for any other purpose than providing technical support and answering queries when asked to do so.

We take our role seriously and always have and will take extra care around your data.  With GDPR and DPA in effect, we are aware of the serious penalties and business reputation damage that can occur if we don’t follow the rules.

What’s the future on the Frontier ecosystem?

Frontier will continue to be developed and we see Frontier becoming a web application in the future as well as becoming cloud based. We will continue working with our existing partners.

We continue providing websites to our customers, and traffic and demand is increasing all the time.  We are looking at designing new websites in the cloud to enable better load balancing and reduced risk.

If you would like to find out more about DH Systems, check out their website or call them on 0131 334 7515.

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