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Dismantling Systems

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Auto Dismantling System

The Builtrite Auto Dismantling System is marketed in th UK and Ireland by Overton Dismantling. It is designed to quickly and efficiently dismantle autos. Hold Down Arms are mounted directly to the excavator’s main frame and include a pair of large bore, high pressure cylinders, capable of applying enough force to crush and hold the auto in place. They operate off of the undercarriage drive circuit. 

The Auto Dismantling Grapple features a wide opening, 360º continuous rotation while the dexterity of the jaws allow the operator to perform even the most precise maneuvers, making easy and quick work of pulling engines, radiators, wiring harnesses, heater cores, etc. Made from highly durable material, this tool is designed for long life and minimal maintenance.

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SAS Forks Scorpion

SAS Forks Scorpion dismantling system let's you process elv's in less than 60 seconds, pull out engines and transmissions in 30 seconds and can give you up to 30% more revenue by separating non ferrous metals metals from vehicles. 

The Scorpion gives up to 80% more visibility with a direct line of site from the operator's window through the forks and offers a cycle time of less than 15 seconds from park to full extension. The machine is built for long life and you can replace blades in 3 hours or less. 

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