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Doyle Machinery to exhibit two machines at CARS 2021

Doyle Machinery will be exhibiting two machines at this year’s CARS event – Impaktor 250 and Titan 950.


Doyle Machinery to exhibit two machines at CARS 2021 f
Titan 950 E pu Electric Version

Doyle Machinery – Helping you choose the right machine:

“Our customers are usually faced with the question of which shredder is right for their specific requirements. For this reason, our unique double-shaft shredders are divided into three product lines to help you make the right decision for your business.

Impaktor 250 is an extremely compact, flexible and robust shredder. This mobile shredder is characterised by its unique track system with hook-lift combination making it very easy to transport site to site with its low basic weight and hydraulically lowerable chassis this can be mounted on to a hook-lift or plant lorry very quickly and does not require any special movement planning. The quick shaft system is easily installed and removed for easier maintenance, refurbishment and changing of shaft type for different materials increases this versatile machine’s productivity even further. The side combs on this machine can be opened or closed depending on material and customer requirements to increase or decrease output size. The Impactor’s versatility extends to Aluminium Wheels, Cable, Radiators, Body Panels and White Goods.

Doyle Machinery to exhibit two machines at CARS 2021 p one
Impaktor 250

Fitted with the latest Volvo Penta EU stage V Engine, Dust Suppression System, Strong Permanent Magnet for FE separation, Intelligent SCU system with Asynchronous Gearbox/Shaft System.

Titan 950 Metal Shredder, is the most powerful shredder in the ARJES line-up to deal with the most demanding applications. Especially companies who need to deal with large amounts of scrap on a daily basis. The Titan shredder is again fitted with the revolutionary quick shaft change system and innovative SCU system with Asynchronous Gearbox as well as specially designed shafts to meet the most challenging requirements. This machine is highly manoeuvrable and has the option of rubber track blocks to prevent surface scoring. The intelligent SCU controls hydraulic adjustable side combs regulating the flow of material, shaft speed and pressure on the shafts and conveyor. FE separation via an inline magnet and Non-FE product is discharged via the cross conveyor various downstream options are available on request to recover valuable Non Ferrous materials.

For customers requiring specific exhaust gas and noise emissions, the stationary electric version of the Titan Class is the right choice, and solution our EPU range (electric Power Units) are particularly efficient and energy saving for our customers and can be used to shred the most difficult materials requiring significantly less maintenance.

Doyle Machinery to exhibit two machines at CARS 2021 p two
Titan 950

Both our mobile and static Titan shredders offer a number of applications such as shredding complete cars and vans, with and without engines, Car, Truck and Earth Moving Tyres, Mixed Scrap, Aluminium (all Grades), Alloy Wheels, Cabling, and White Goods.

ARJES continues to drive development of the ultimate shredders with the best price performance ratio.

Doyle Machinery is the ARJES authorised dealer for the UK and Ireland we offer full sales and aftersales support nationally to support our customers whenever they need us. Come and see us at CARS we will be in the Live Demo Centre LD3 demonstrating both the Impaktor 250 and Titan 950 and will be on hand to answer all enquiries and questions on the ARJES product range.”

See Doyle Machinery at CARS 2021 at the Live Demonstration Area.

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