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Adam Hewitt
green parts specialists
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Drone sees all at new 6 acre site

Providers of used OEM green parts, The Green Parts Specialists, show their recent purchase of a 90,000 square foot warehouse using a drone. The 6 acre site will connect to their current Head office in Skelmersdale. 

From the footage the two structures on the left are being dismantled to extend upwards for new indoor racking (see images below). The building on the right will become new dismantling bays for faster production.

buidling indoor racking at OEM green parts site


Throughout late 2018 and the start of this year the company has been busy undergoing construction on their newly purchased site located behind their current HQ in Skelmersdale. As the company continues to grow they look for every opportunity 

to further increase productivity and efficiency.

Towards the end of 2018, they had completely concreted the area (see images below) and installed new car racking trees in place to increase vehicle storage capabilities, adding a further 300 spaces.


concreted area at OEM green parts siteThe new site will mean that all of their vehicle dismantling and processing procedures will be under the one roof with the top of the range dismantling facilities making it possible for hundreds of late model vehicles to be processed every week.

To further add to this increased storage, the new site will also provide detrimental growth to The Green Parts Specialists initiative. Through body shop orders Management Information on the more popular parts that are being requested through their online portal are created. This enables the company to prioritise which parts are needed to take off of vehicles first, meaning they are able to Quality Check and ship parts out much more efficiently as they are already packaged and stored.


Popular back ordered parts will be stored safely and because they already have these parts is time saved for the body shops as well as for locating the parts. In addition to this, more storage means more parts to put away which in turn, means more parts are readily available in the long run. An increase on their already massive storage capabilities results in them having an even wider range of available OEM parts.

Ian Hill Dismantler“Expanding our HQ is an exciting time for the business. It shows the real progress and dedication of our services and team.

“We look forward to keeping everyone updated on the build and the impact it will have on our customers.” – Ian Hill, Managing Director Hills Salvage & Recycling.

Find out more from The Green Parts Specialists at

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