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EA 2019/2020 Q4 target to reduce illegal waste sites in the red

Improvements need to be made – EA in the red for target to reduce the number of high-risk illegal waste sites for the fourth quarter of 2019/20.


EA 2019/2020 target to reduce illegal waste sites in the red post

The Environment Agency corporate scorecard shows a high-level overview of their performance against their environmental and business aims.

The scorecard is reported every 3 months to executive directors and the board within the Environment Agency. The Corporate Scorecard enables the EA to monitor how well they are achieving their stated aims as set out in the Environment Agency Action Plan. It is also shared with the Department for environment, food and rural affairs (Defra). The corporate scorecard measures also contribute towards the wider Defra single departmental plan.

Corporate Scorecard 2019 to 2020 Quarter (Q) 4 starts 1st January 2020 and ends 31st March 2020. The year to date (YTD) is 31st March 2020.

The EA use a red amber green system to see at a glance how they are performing. Green means they are performing at or above the target(s) set, amber means they are falling slightly short of the target and red means there is improvements to be made.

Q4 high-risk waste sites

Q4 Status

Q4 actual

Ceiling target


Year end target






The scorecard states:

“In quarter four the number of total active sites has reduced by 51 and the total high-risk active sites has reduced by 22 nationally. At 536, for all sites, we have the lowest number of active sites since quarter three in 2016/17 and the total number of active high-risk sites is the lowest it has been since quarter four in 2013/14.

The continued downward trend across most areas reflects the continued benefits of those additional staff funded by the £30 million for waste crime. However, in quarter 4 other pressures, especially the significantly wet weather affected our ability to direct enough resource to this work.

It is too soon to understand the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the latter part of quarter four figures. This will become more apparent when the figures are available for quarter one 2020/21.”

To read the corporate report – Environment Agency corporate scorecard 2019 to 2020 – Quarter four click here.

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