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EA corporate scorecard 2018 to 2019 – Quarter one

scrap cars - EA corporate scorecard

The Environment Agency (EA) published the  EA corporate scorecard outlining the EA’s performance against their corporate measures in December 2018.


The Environment Agency has 12 corporate measures. Which are as follows:

  • the water environment is healthier
  • They protect people, the environment and wildlife by reducing serious pollution incidents
  • They create new habitats
  • They reduce the number of high risk illegal waste sites
  • They reduce the risk of flooding for more households
  • They maintain our flood and coastal risk management assets at or above the target condition
  • They have a first class incident response capability
  • They manage our money efficiently to deliver our outcomes
  • They respond to planning applications within 21 days
  • They reduce our carbon footprint
  • They have a diverse workforce
  • They provide a safe place to work

This report will cover quarter one reporting period for 2018 to 2019.

Section 5 of the report highlights how they reduce the number of high risk illegal waste sites. It states that during quarter one the EA stopped more high risk sites, and found less, compared to quarter one 2017/18. That is they stopped 53 and found 23 in quarter one 2018/19 compared to stopping 23 and finding 27 in quarter one 2017/18. Over the past 4 quarters the number of active high risk sites has decreased steadily from 280 to 255. Nationally the EA are amber against the quarter one target of 254 high risk sites. Against their local targets, 10 Areas are green and 4 are red.

It also points out that ‘It remains a priority to reduce the impact of illegal waste activity on the environment, on local communities and to ensure a level playing field for businesses. Over the coming months, Areas will receive additional resource through recruitment to the extra posts funded by the £30m for waste crime. The quarterly targets for this KPI have been profiled to account for that injection of resource so become more challenging as the year progresses.’

To read the full report click here:

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