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EA target to reduce illegal waste sites in the red

Improvements need to be made – EA in the red for target to reduce illegal waste sites for the second quarter of 2019/20.


EA target to reduce illegal waste sites in the red feat

The Environment Agency recently released its corporate scorecard quarter two 2019 to 2020 shows 264 active high-risk illegal waste sites known by the EA but the target for both the quarter and the year-end was 196.

The EA’s red amber green system shows how they are performing: 

Green – Performing at or above the target(s) set

Amber – Falling slightly short of the target 

Red – Improvements to be made

Q2 status

Q2 actual

Ceiling target


Year-end target






During quarter two the number of active high-risk waste sites increased, for the third quarter in succession, from 260 to 264 whilst the total number of all active sites remained static at 691. Six areas recorded quarter two reductions in their number of high-risk sites, and whilst seven areas remain under their baseline totals, we are red against the quarter two profiled target of 223. 

The number of active sites over two years old has now risen to 215. On average it is taking 237 days to stop an illegal waste site despite 49% of new sites being stopped in less than 90 days. 

There is a growing risk from the increasing age profile of active sites which merits greater focus in tandem with early intervention at new sites. The EA’s enforcement strategy is approaching sign-off and they have begun drafting a waste enforcement strategy to ensure the effective deployment of resource in tackling waste crime. 

The EA say: ‘We know that EU Exit and other pressures are affecting our ability to direct enough resource to this work and we are working to understand what more we can do to reduce illegal waste site numbers in the short term. We continue to train and embed the additional staff funded by the £30m for waste crime and ensure our evaluation is focussed on identifying our most effectiveness interventions.’

The scorecard shows a high-level overview of the EA’s performance against their environmental and business aims.

The scorecard is reported every 3 months to executive directors and the board within the Environment Agency. Their Corporate Scorecard enables them to monitor how well they are achieving their stated aims as set out in the Environment Agency Action plan and it is also shared with the Department for environment, food and rural affairs (Defra).

Find the scorecard here

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