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Adam Hewitt
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EA Update – Environmental permits: ELV regulatory position statements

The Environment Agency (EA) has extended three Regulatory Position Statements (RPS) which all relate to ELV type operations.


Update - Environmental permits: regulatory position statements f

The Environment Agency is not currently enforcing the need for an environmental permit in specific cases for some activities.

These regulatory position statements (RPSs) explain when you do not need to apply for a permit for those activities.

They do not apply to any other activities, even if they are under the same legislation. You may still need other permits or licences for other activities you carry out.

For example, if an RPS allows you to carry out an activity without an environmental permit for a waste operation, you may still need an environmental permit for a groundwater activity.

If the review date in an RPS issued by the Environment Agency has passed, the RPS remains in force and can be relied upon until it is removed from GOV.UK or marked as withdrawn.

If the RPS says that it expires on a certain date it cannot be relied upon and does not apply after that date.

The extended three Regulatory Position Statements (RPS) relating to ELV type operations are as follows: 

RPS195 – retaining shock absorbers and airbags in otherwise fully depolluted ELVs

RPS202 – LPG flaring at end-of-life vehicle sites. (This one will have a very limited audience)

RPS205 –temporary storage of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) at a motor manufacturer’s dealership

RPS 195 has been extended until the end of September 2021 and RPS 202 and 205 have been extended until the end of September 2023.

The latest versions of all RPSs can be found via the RPS collection page

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