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EA’s call for higher fines and custodial sentences for waste criminals

Emma Howard Boyd

At the Manchester Green Summit, held on 21st March 2018, the EA’s Chair, Emma Howard Boyd said that she was ‘calling for higher fines and custodial sentences for waste criminals.’

Emma Howard Boyd said, “The economic impact of waste crime in England in 2015 was estimated to be at least £604 million.” She also said, “The Environment Agency stands with Greater Manchester police and authorities all over the country in our commitment to stamp out environmental crime.

In January, new powers were introduced for my colleagues to lock gates and block access to problem waste sites. Last year, we were closing over 2 illegal waste sites every day and we will always push for prosecution.”

She said how she was “pleased that following sentencing guidelines in 2014, courts began imposing higher fines for environmental offences.” But she still doesn’t ‘think the deterrent is strong enough.”

She continued, “Today, I am calling for higher fines and custodial sentences for waste criminals.

How we deal with the rising tide of waste is a global challenge, but no one should have to live next door to this disgusting criminality:

Not by the sea; not in the countryside; and not in Manchester.

Of course, I realise we won’t solve all of our waste problems with jail time.

Waste criminals are exploiting the weaknesses of a linear economy.

In this role, I’ve visited illegal waste sites, and I can tell you that packaging from even the most responsible businesses ends up there.

All companies need to consider their duty of care in fully understanding where their waste products go.”

And finally, she pointed out that the “Environment Agency is here to help.”

For the full speech click here

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