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Adam Hewitt
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Ecotrade Group – Investing for success in CAT recycling

Platinum Group Metals fulfil an essential role in the functioning of catalytic converters by acting as catalysts in the conversion of noxious vehicle emissions into harmless components. With increasingly tight legislation around the world, demand for these metals has risen enormously and the recovery and recycling of PGMs from scrap catalytic converters are playing a significant role in meeting this demand.


Ecotrade Group - Investing for success in CAT recycling feat

Ecotrade Group was established in 2006 and has since become an industry leader in tech-based and environmentally conscious catalytic converter recycling. Our success has been based on two principles –  investment in state-of-the-art technology and a commitment to complete transparency in all our dealings.

With recycling facilities in key locations such as Thailand and Malaysia, Ecotrade has acquired a great deal of expertise in the recycling industry and earned a solid reputation for integrity, professionalism and honesty. Now the company is the largest purchaser of catalytic converters in the region where we have formulated a very successful strategy of proactively building strong, long-term trading partnerships that combine our expertise and experience in the recycling market with the local knowledge and personal contacts of our business associates.

Ecotrade offers a complete range of services embracing processing and sampling of all catalyst material. The company has invested heavily in laboratory services and its precise, accurate sampling methods are fully approved by the industry’s leading authorities. For every stage of a transaction, from preparing a firm and tailor-made offer through to the trading of the recovered materials, we have all the expertise in-house, including a collection service from clients’ locations, wherever they may be in the world.

To assist our wide network of sellers and buyers, we have created one of the most comprehensive online catalytic converter catalogues featuring over 20,000 makes and models, with prices updated daily, reflecting the real-time market prices of platinum, palladium and rhodium.

Three years ago, we successfully launched the “Eco Cat App” that facilitates quick and easy scrap converter appraisals and provides sellers with the knowledge needed to ensure they are getting a fair deal from converter buyers. Updated three times every day using the latest precious metal market prices, it has become the most used app in the industry worldwide with many contributors and partner companies involved in the project.

Ecotrade Group - Investing for success in CAT recycling p three

Catalytic converters exist to reduce the number of harmful emissions from gasoline engines and have become the mainstay of environmental protection in the motor industry, providing the means for motorists to drive in an environmentally responsible manner. At the same time, the mining of the three rare PGMs is becoming increasingly difficult, detrimental to the environment and a drain on the planet’s natural resources. The investment that Ecotrade has made in modern technology as well as an efficient logistics and administration operations, allows the company to extract the best possible return of PGMs, ensuring both optimum profitability for our customers and a valuable contribution to a sustainable planet. We believe that our professional, technology-driven approach offers the best means to develop the market, with commercial and environmental benefits for all parties.

To find out more about Ecotrade Group, visit 

Alternatively, visit Ecotrade Group at CARS 2021 at stand D4.

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