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Electric ELVES: the battery programme for hybrid and electric vehicles in Ireland


The introduction and take up of hybrid and electric vehicle technologies, presents new challenges for the ATF industry both in their handling and their recycling. It is an area where compliance schemes can play a key role providing information and recycling assistance to ATFs.

In Ireland, this role is taken on by ELVES, the compliance scheme for End-of-Life Vehicles. ELVES rolled out its programme to provide support to ATFs in the handling of batteries from hybrid, electric and mild hybrid vehicles in May 2018 and the response to date from ATFs has been very positive.

Electric ELVES, the compliance scheme’s programme for electric and hybrid vehicles provides a variety of support to ATFs including information on safe battery removal, hybrid and electric vehicle technology training and free collection and recycling of batteries.

The Electric ELVES programme is available to all ATFs, not just those in the ELVES network and all support is provided free of charge. It covers industrial batteries in the full range of electric and hybrid vehicles, including the smaller li-ion batteries found in mild hybrids.

Since roll out, the Electric ELVES programme has provided support to several ATFs, ensuring they have access to the right information and organising collection and recycling of the batteries when required. The programme has got off to a great start and the team at ELVES look forward to developing the programme further this year.

For further information please contact the team at ELVES:, or vist

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