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Environment Agency National Waste Crime Survey

A survey on waste crime is available to complete online conducted by SYSTRA, an independent market research company, on behalf of the Environment Agency.


Environment Agency National Waste Crime Survey

This survey is being distributed to key individuals, trade organisations, and other stakeholders across the waste industry. Anyone working within the waste industry, landowners, and those working in the insurance sector, are encouraged to participate.

The aims of this research are to understand the scale of waste crime in England and to identify whether the actions taken by the Environment Agency and their partners are effective in reducing the scale of waste crime.

What can you do to help?

The EA would like to collect your opinions regarding waste crime in your industry sector. They are interested in your own individual viewpoints and there are no right or wrong answers.

All the information you provide will be confidential and anonymous. The Environment Agency will not be able to trace any answers or comments to specific people, agencies or places.

About the survey

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

For the purposes of this survey, the term ‘waste crime’ refers to:

  • Large-scale fly-tipping (waste abandonment, including illegal deposits of waste);
  • Illegal waste sites (site operating without an environmental permit);
  • Illegal burning of waste (taking place at a commercial site without an environmental permit);
  • Illegal exports of waste (not covered by International or European laws); and
  • Mis-description of waste (the deliberate misclassification of waste for the purposes of evading landfill tax liability).

Environment Agency National Waste Crime SurveyFor the purposes of this survey, large-scale fly-tipping is defined as an occasion where there is either more than a lorry load of waste, hazardous waste, or fly-tipping by organised gangs. Small-scale fly-tipping is not within the scope of this survey.

The survey findings will be analysed and written-up by SYSTRA, who will submit a report to the Environment Agency. The report will be used to help inform the way the Environment Agency tackles waste crime in England. Key findings will be shared with Environment Agency partners in the fight against waste crime.

For more information about this research, and how the data collected will be used, you can access the Privacy Notice for this research here.

To complete the survey click here 

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