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Environmental permits: when and how the EA consult

Environmental permits: EAThe Environment Agency published a policy paper on 21st March entitled – ‘Environmental permits: when and how we consult’


The EA must consult the public and relevant organisations on:

  • certain applications for environmental permits
  • new standard rules for environmental permits
  • changes to existing standard rules for environmental permits

The guide describes how the EA meet this legal requirement, other applications they have decided to consult on and how they will consult.

When a permit decision is made, information is used on the potential environmental and human health impacts of the activity. For flood risk activities, information is also used on the potential flood risk and land drainage impacts.

Public consultation lets people and organisations take part in the EA’s decision making. Comments can be made on issues that could affect you or where you have particular knowledge. The EA take all relevant comments into account so better decisions can be made.

Use this publication if you want to find out about:

  • when the EA consult on permitting application
  • how they consult on applications of high public interest
  • How they publicise permitting applications
  • the timescales for consultation
  • how permit decisions are recorded and published
  • how they develop and consult on standard rules for permits
  • how they consult on and keeping people up to date on changes to standard rules

Paperwork - Environmental permits: when and how the EA consult

To see the paper click on the following link:


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