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Adam Hewitt
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Finnish dismantler’s target: To double the number of dismantled ELVs annually

Kai Lindell General Secretary Finnish Vehicle Dismantlers Association
         Kai Lindell

Kai Lindell, General Secretary of the Finnish Vehicle Dismantlers Association gives ATF Professional an update on the current situation with ATFs in Finland and how the Association is working with Government bodies to allow ATFs to benefit more from their business’. 


Suomen Autopurkamoliitto r.y., (the Finnish Vehicle Dismantlers Association) was founded 20 years ago and has 60 members and out of the total 120 licensed dismantlers, the larger companies are members of the Association.

In Finland, the annual number of dismantled cars, which are end of life vehicles (ELVs) are approximately 85.000 units but of these, only 15.000-20.000 are dismantled by official and legal dismantlers.

The estimation is that this number should be around 40.000 units.

This is estimated to be the number of ELVs including commercially sufficiently viable reusable parts. This gap is due to the Finnish system’s flaws.

In Finland the handling of ELVs i.e. Producers’ Responsibility is organised by car importers jointly owned company “Suomen Autokierrätys Oy” (Finnish Car Recycling Ltd.). This company has contracts with four operators which are actually four shredder companies and they again have contracts with close to 300 ATFs. These four shredder companies are the authorised bodies to grant CoDs (an ATF can only be authorised to grant a CoD by an operator (shredder)).

Of the ATFs, 120 are licensed dismantlers and the others are anything from ironmongers, car dealers, garages, caravan dealers, horse stables, etc. This is because of the fact that the law requires a minimum of 200 ATFs. 

Finland is a third larger in size than the UK, therefore it is in most ATF’s interest to take an ELV directly to a shredder to get the best price for metals such as engine aluminium or copper in wires etc. This is however in direct conflict with the requirements of the European Union’s ELV Directive. Because in practice, this means that the European Union’s ELV Directive’s primary requirement to – as widely as possible – re-use of parts does not materialise.

Because of this unsatisfactory situation, the Board of the Finnish Dismantlers Association presented the following initiative to the new government negotiators in May of this year:

Based on Traficom’s (the Finnish vehicle register and administration authority) existing register, a platform should be set up for vehicles to be scrapped. 

This service must be free of charge to the vehicle owner. The vehicles thus notified can then be picked up or received for disassembly by an authorised dismantler in a very small window of, for example, 48 working hours. This way the parts will be properly reused. 

The proposal was successful and the government programme took it into account. In the official government programme it stated the following:

“On the basis of Traficom’s existing register, an information platform for end-of-life vehicles should be established in order to meet the ELV Directive’s objectives.”

So the purpose and goal is that instead of ELVs going directly to the shredders, the dismantlers have first right to take ELVs i.e. all vehicles to be scrapped must first be offered to dismantlers who have the right but not the obligation to get / buy the best ELVs.

At the moment, Traficom and Traffic Ministry are looking for the best possible technical solution to establish this platform and the association is working with Traficom and offering their advice.

To find out more from the Finnish Dismantlers Association email Kai at or visit their website at

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