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Fire Prevention Plan template now available from the EA

The Environment Agency (EA) recently updated their guidance for Fire prevention plans: environmental permits by including a template for creating a fire prevention plan. 

Fire Prevention Plan Template Available

We contacted the EA and received the following response:

‘In response to feedback from our customers, we have developed a template to help applicants and Operators complete their Fire Prevention Plans. All Operators are welcome to use the template.

The objectives of the template are to:

  • Make it easier for Operators to provide the information that Permitting Officers need to assess FPPs i.e. help Operators to complete their FPPs correctly at the first attempt;
  • Reduce the number of requests for information or Schedule 5 notices;
  • Reduce the amount of time Permitting Officers spend on assessing FPPs.

The template has been designed to:

  • Follow the structure of the guidance;
  • Include drafting notes and links to relevant parts of the guidance which can be deleted once Operators insert their text;
  • Include direct questions prompting Operators to provide the information needed.

Please note that the template does not replace sector-specific guidance, which will still be relevant.

We are starting a 3-month trial on GOV.UK on 9th January 2020.  After 3 months, we will assess the success of the trial.  Depending on the results, we may adopt the template.’

To see the guidance, go to

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