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First car scrapped in West Midlands new ‘future transport’ scheme

The very first car has been scrapped as part of Coventry’s innovative new scheme – intended to encourage the public to exchange old cars for greener transport methods.


First car scrapped in West Midlands new 'future transport' scheme f re

CarTakeBack were delighted to announce their involvement – as the official car recycling service for the West Midlands’ new scheme – back in February, but being part of the first recipient’s experience was truly exciting. This member of the public has taken up the substantial £3,000 incentive and happily said goodbye to their old car, knowing that it will be recycled responsibly.

The driver of a 2006 grey Citreon C1, Mohammed Fasiuddin, from Foleshill said:

“I was a little sad to see the car go, but I haven’t been using it as much as I used to before Covid. I’m working from home more now so the offer came at the right time for me to get rid of it.

“It is a good deal with £3,000 to use for public transport, or a taxi or uber or a hire car – I have a bus stop two minutes away which is very convenient. And I no longer need to worry about the car breaking down or failing the MOT and a huge repair bill at the garage.”

First car scrapped in West Midlands new 'future transport' scheme feat
Screenshot of the BBC’s coverage of the Coventry scrappage scheme’s first car being collected

As a significant step in the scheme’s trial, the entire event – from the collection of the car and an interview with the owner, to the car being de-polluted and crushed at our recycling centre – was covered by the BBC’s national news team.

Part of a £22 million ‘future transport’ initiative funded by the Government, this scheme is intended to reduce levels of congestion and air pollution in the long term. Coventry’s eligible motorists (owners of diesel cars built before 2016 and petrol models built before 2006) can receive between £1,500 and £3,000 in the form of a preloaded payment card, for use on any public transport, including the city’s e-scooters. After this two year trial period in the West Midlands, successful results may then see it rolled-out across the country.

The first car-owner to use the scheme decided that after significantly reducing his car-use over the last year, an incentive of this value was a great trade for his 15-year-old vehicle. We’re sure with such a generous and flexible incentive on offer, he will be the first of many car owners to use the scrappage scheme.

CarTakeBack said:

“We’re looking forward to supporting the initiative over the next two years and recycling West Midlands’ old cars to the highest standards – doing our part to protect the environment.”



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