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Have your say in the BSI standard for electric vehicle battery cells

Have your say in the BSI standard for PAS 7062 – electric vehicle battery cells – Health and safety, environmental and quality management considerations in cell manufacturing and finished cell – Code of practice.


Have your say in the BSI standard for electric vehicle battery cells draft post

Opportunity to have your say in the standard for the (Publicly Available Specification) PAS 7062 – Electric vehicle battery cells draft – open until 31st August.

This PAS gives recommendations for the health and safety, fire and environmental performance and quality management in the manufacture of battery cells for electric vehicles (EVs). This PAS is intended to establish common understanding and approach to EV battery cell manufacture and use.

This PAS covers the following:

  1. sourcing;
  2. storing and handling material, traceability;
  3. assembly;
  4. chemical management (occupational health, personnel safety);
  5. hazards and environmental conditions (solvents, people);
  6. competency;
  7. test methods and conformity;
  8. formation of cell and fire hazards;
  9. storage, handling and transport of completed cell;
  10. clean rooms and dry rooms;
  11. end of life consideration;
  12. waste handling; and
  13. environmental impact.

This PAS does not cover performance requirements for the individual chemicals and materials. The PAS also does not cover the general risks associated with manufacturing processes such as slips, trips and falls, or any risks covered by the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC [1].

This PAS is for use by battery cell manufacturers and is of interest to battery cell users, automotive manufacturers and the entire supply chain.

To have your say in the development of this industry-shaping standard – PAS 7062, read and comment on the draft by the 31st August at

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