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Hills Salvage & Recycling awarded acclaimed VRAC Certified Vehicle Recycler certification

Leading the way for the industry Hills Salvage & Recycling have recently been awarded the acclaimed VRAC Certified Vehicle Recycler certification by the Vehicle Recyclers’ Association.



THE UK VEHICLE RECYCLER CERTIFICATION SCHEME is a first for the UK vehicle recycling sector. It is run by VRA Certification Ltd, an independent not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, whose sole purpose is to manage and develop the UK’s Vehicle Recycler Certification Scheme.

The aim of the certification scheme is to provide end-users of reclaimed vehicle parts with the confidence that: 

  • The reclaimed vehicle part has been accurately identified, recorded, tested, removed and sold by a vehicle recycler that operates a robust quality management system.
  • The reclaimed vehicle part has been marketed and sold by a vehicle recycler that has and abides by, the appropriate environmental authorisations.

The standard applies to UK-based vehicle recyclers operating an end-of-life vehicle authorised treatment facility and includes requirements for: 

  • A quality management system
  • End-of-life vehicle acquisition and identification
  • Parts grading, testing, recording and storage 
  • Parts marketing, sale, delivery and traceability

Hills Salvage is the first dismantling company in the UK to achieve this new certification and as always are paving the way forward for the dismantling industry. 

As the leading Green Parts supplier Hills wanted to further prove their expertise through becoming the first company to be award the certification.

Every vehicle that enters the site at Hills is checked for any recalls ensuring that no recalled parts are going out. From this, the parts are inventoried to the vehicle and are deleted in the system to guarantee parts cannot be sold or removed from them. From being the highest rated used parts seller in the UK on eBay, the company knows exactly how to give the best customer service and making sure that no recalled parts can be sold back into the market is always a top priority. 

Throughout the entire process, the parts are quality checked so only the best quality parts are being removed from the vehicle, grades are applied to the part to differentiate the quality. From this, the parts are packaged and securely stored in one of multiple warehouses so they are ready to ship to any worldwide destination. 

There’s a reason why there is such attraction behind Hills and The Green Parts Specialists, and being the first in the UK to be awarded the VRAC Vehicle Recycler’ Certification Scheme certification definitely shows this.

The Green Parts Specialists & Hills are always there to serve their customers better than anyone else. Offering a next day delivery service across 30 delivery vehicles and a huge amount of ‘ready-to-ship’ parts warehouses. The unique procedures involved are always ensuring that the repairer and customers’ requirements are at the forefront of their process.

Ian Hill, Managing Director of Hills Salvage & Recycling said: 

“It goes to show the constant effort and growth that we are achieving at Hills, after completing ISO 9001,14001 & 27001 recently and now being the first company in the UK to be awarded the acclaimed VRA Certification. The company is continually going from strength to strength, cementing ourselves as an industry leader.”

Moving forward into 2020 and the future, Hills are expected to continue their growth with the development of their new headquarters and state of the art dismantling facility, located next to their current site, which will see production and quality increase tenfold. 

Visit Hills Salvage & Recycling Ltd  (Hills Motors) at 

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