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Huge milestone reached by CarTakeBack

cartakebackFigures came in June that CarTakeBack’s national network of Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) has issued over 5 million certificates of Destruction!

Since the End of Life Vehicle Regulations were introduced, there have been 13.2 million Certificates of Destruction issued for scrap vehicles by ATFs throughout the UK. CarTakeBack’s network has therefore processed 38% of these vehicles – meaning the network has successfully recovered over 4.1 million tonnes of automotive waste!

Steve Norgrove, Compliance Manager for CarTakeBack said: “Thanks go out to our network for all of their hard work to continually achieve the recycling targets for each and every vehicle recycled; we are proud of our members for reaching this huge milestone.”

The CarTakeBack member to issue the 5 millionth Certificate of Destruction was London based ATF Redcorn Ltd. “We’re thrilled with the news that we issued the 5 millionth Certificate of Destruction! We’re proud to be part of CarTakeBack and to contribute to this success story. It’s important to use a reputable company to dispose of your vehicle responsibly and avoid illegal operators.”

CarTakeBack works closely with its official partnered vehicle manufacturers in helping them fulfil their ELV obligations, and also supporting activities such as scrappage schemes and vehicle recalls, and these relationships have grown over the years. 

Rob Cripps, Manager, Homologation & Environmental Legislation for Groupe Renault said: “On having heard the news of CarTakeBack being the first single service provider in the UK to issue 5 million CODs, I firstly wanted to congratulate you on this achievement and to say that both Renault and Nissan are more than pleased to be working closely with CarTakeBack and in helping to reach such an important environmental milestone, well done to you and all the team!!”

Since its inception, CarTakeBack has been at the forefront of not only service delivery, but also industry innovation, and was the first service provider in the UK to achieve the 95% recycling targets. Never a company to stand still, CarTakeBack continues to proactively develop solutions to the challenges that the car recycling industry faces, both current and future. With routes already established for recycling and repurposing waste electric vehicle batteries, for example, CarTakeBack can provide its members with the latest industry support and advice around Electric/Hybrid Vehicle recycling, and is able to offer eligible members a free two-day vehicle manufacturer sponsored EV and HEV training course.

Further collaborative projects are underway with industry partners, designers and prestigious universities – pioneers in various aspects of the manufacturing and recycling industries – in exploring not only how the ‘lightweighting’ trend in vehicle materials affects our industry, but how vehicles can be designed and manufactured to make dismantling, reuse of parts and recycling both economically viable and efficient at their end of life, closing the loop of the circular economy.

To find out more about these initiatives visit 

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