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IAA launches AuctionNow™ in the UK

Leverages Company’s patented technology to streamline buyer experience

IAA UK, a leading global digital marketplace connecting vehicle buyers and sellers, announces launch IAA AuctionNow™, its patented, digital auction platform in the UK market.


IAA launches AuctionNow™ in the UK p

IAA has announced the launch of its patented, digital auction platform in the UK market. IAA AuctionNow™, the company’s platform, went live in the US last April and has been used in Canada for over four years. IAA told us that it had designed an e-commerce platform built with specific needs of vehicle buyers and sellers in mind.

The company advises that the real-time platform has already enhanced buyer usability across the US and Canada. In the UK, the first sale via AuctionNow was completed on January 26th, and according to IAA, the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive. “Bringing our patented technology online in the UK demonstrates our commitment to our global markets,” said Terry Daniels, Senior Vice President of Global Operations for IAA. “In a digital world, especially one impacted by lockdown restrictions, we’re excited to offer our UK customers an option to replicate the physical environment and create tangible value for our customers.”

IAA’s digital interface leverages the company’s e-commerce merchandising platform – IAA Interact – which features informational tools critical for buyers to evaluate vehicles. One such tool, IAA 360 View™, provides interior and exterior vehicle imagery—it was launched in the UK back in 2020. Daniels explained that IAA’s merchandising tools focus on creating confidence and trust with buyers purchasing salvage in the digital world, “Each unit we sell is unique, and with our world truly virtual now, it is critical to provide the most accurate detail to the global buyers so they can bid and buy with confidence.” IAA Interact features digital auction tools critical for buyers to assess vehicles thoroughly before bidding in IAA AuctionNow auctions.

“We simply view salvage differently,” said Steve Hankins, Managing Director for the UK Market. “We see ourselves as far more than an online auction and our goal is to provide an e-commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers from around the globe. In doing that, the UK market will benefit from better seller returns and a streamlined bidding and buying experience.”

More information can be found at 

IAA launches AuctionNow™ in the UK l

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