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IAA launches “under-the-bonnet” engine running video with audio

IAA’s continues to reshape the marketing of salvage vehicles with another two technology launches this week. IAA Engine Starts™ and IAA Key Image™ are the latest digital tools on the IAA Interact™ merchandising platform which provides vehicle buyers with enhanced imagery and more detailed information, helping them to bid and buy with greater confidence.


IAA launches “under-the-bonnet” engine running video with audio p three

Terry Daniels, Senior Vice President of Global Operations for IAA told ATF Professional:

“As a technology company, we believe that offering limited static images and basic vehicle information is an outdated way to market a vehicle. With the Interact merchandising platform we’re providing online buyers with an engaging and immersive experience, one that mimics being actually present with the vehicle.”

As the name suggests, Engine Starts is a 10-second under-the-bonnet video with full sound; it enables buyers to evaluate the engine’s condition while it’s actually running. Alongside IAA 360 View™, which the company launched last year, Engine Starts helps to create a virtual reality experience that’s as close as possible to physically inspecting the vehicle.

Key Image is a simple, but a particularly clever idea. Along with High-Resolution images of the interior and exterior, each IAA vehicle is now merchandised with a high-quality image of the key or fob. This visual confirmation that the key or fob is on hand helps the buyer to assess the vehicle’s value and to bid with greater confidence.

IAA launches “under-the-bonnet” engine running video with audio p
Steve Hankins

Steve Hankins, UK Managing Director for IAA commented:

“As I’ve said previously, at IAA we look at salvage differently and Interact is critical to this way of thinking. Our unique merchandising platform gives our buyers a better experience by providing unmatchable imagery, detailed information and personalised content. The launch of these two exciting new digital tools further builds the value and distinctiveness of Interact.”


The two new enhancements follow last month’s roll-out of IAA AuctionNow™ – the company’s real-time, on-line auction. IAA told us that the reaction to AuctionNow has been 100% positive and they’re expecting the same favourable response to Engine Starts and Key Image.


IAA launches “under-the-bonnet” engine running video with audio f

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